Saturday, March 15, 2014

Homemade Wanton Noodle

Intended to bring the kids out today but...

Wtf, don't know simi weather is this?? SO FUCKING HOT CAN! Got 40 degrees or not ah? Can someone do magic and bring me to wherever that is cold now??? I don't mind places below 10 degrees. I don't mind having to wear thick coat (in fact, I like it). I really don't mind!

You know that kind of feeling... THE MOMENT WHEN YOU WALK OUT OF YOUR AIRCON ROOM AND YOU HAVE TO SWEAT NON STOP. To top it off, mosquitoes have to keep attacking us!!!

This kind of super hot weather makes me very hot tempered, especially the past few days as I rushed in and out of the office many times a day! Simply when I reached home, I laid flat on my bed (after shower) becos my energy was totally drained out liao.

Okay, on a better note, MY MUM IS BACK!!! Hooohooo! I'm having my moment of peace cos the kids miss their ah ma so much and are accompanying her now. AT LAST!!! Someone to share their 烦 with me. HAHAHA

(I think I need a few days break too, from everything. Becos I fully agreed that "休息是为了走很长远的路".) 

SIL cooked wanton noodle today and I helped out a bit bit lah. Cut mushroom & 包 wanton lor. Hahaha 

I mean, I know how to cook cos I've cooked it before, but I'm lazy!!! Kitchen is not the place for me. I cook mainly becos of my kids, not becos I enjoy cooking. It depends entirely on my mood! 

I know I know, people always say "cooking good food will keep your man". But it's all bullshit lah, IMO, becos not every man knows how to appreciate!!! Definitely not mine!

Everything is handmade, including the noodle and wanton skin (made by SIL's uncle). 

Yummy!!! But the portion is a tad too big, normal human won't be able to finish it! Thank you so much for this fantastic dinner, Jing! (If you're reading this!)

Finally, it's the school holiday! One week don't have to teach homework, YAY!!! I'm soooooo scare of homework lor, hahahha! 

(Of cos, she has plenty of homework for the holiday but I'm gonna leave it to the student care. 绕了我吧!!!) 


  1. your dream come true ! Rains whole day today~ yeahh!


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