Monday, March 31, 2014

Krabi, I'm coming...

The holiday mood suddenly kicks in today, as I was discussing with ML what to bring and I can't sleep now! Omg! I suddenly got so frigging excited!!!

I tried to sleep, but my whole mind was filled with beach, spas, massages, food, what clothes to wear and maybe... beach babes & hunks, lolol!

Anyway, I'll be leaving only on Thursday morning lor, and I'm gonna be excited till I can't sleep for the next few nights, siao liao!

In case you wanna know, the air ticket + hotel + insurance costed S$456 per pax. ML is the one sourcing/booking everything, I told her to just let me know the total amount to pay.

So thankful to have such a friend, cos I need not do anything. I'm just too moodless to do anything for the past one week, I just know I need to go for a break.

And yes, impromptu plan ALWAYS work out for me! Yay!!!

FINALLY, it's my turn to go for a holiday!!!!



2am now, and still awake...

KNN BRAIN, need to be so excited anot!!! 

Side track abit...

Spent my whole Sunday evening watching "Beauty Gone Wrong" on xin.msn, my mum introduced me one. Well, if you've the intention to go for plastic surgeries, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH IT FIRST. You confirm will back out after watching it.

So, there's this episode about a mummy blogger who took up a facial sponsorship and caused serious damages to her face. (This story sounds so familiar from a beauty blogger recently, except that she's not a mummy yet!)

Anyway, in that episode, this "yummy mummy" beauty blogger is a homemaker, who takes care of her only son. She dressed herself up, put on wayang makeup every morning, just to send her son to school. *ahem*

And then, she went for the facial sponsorship, and caused her face to rot. She mentioned that she has about 120 unique visitors daily. Erm... 120 alot meh?

The way she speaks (inside the show) is really kiam pa. But eventually, after her face recovered, she shut down her blog and focus 100% on her family...

Ehhhh... I've to clarify that I'M NOT LIDAT HOR. I don't deliberately dress up or make up when I send my kids to school and up till today, I'm still skeptic about taking up facial sponsorship (I've rejected quite a few liao!) becos I don't wanna put my beloved face at risk, unless I'm very very assured by the person doing it for me. Else, nobody is to touch my face, lol.

I still have a few sessions for the facial package I signed and I've been procrastinating to go for it. Reason being is, my complexion was so bad during that period of time when I went for monthly (or two months) facial. It's like walao, I even had acne, those fucking pimples that cannot be squeezed out. It's plain irritating!

Glad that it's all well now. I think I'll give the facial package to my mum instead.  

Wahahhahaa, I know this has absolutely no link but I wanna link it to my face can anot?


  1. why so moodless? cheer up. :)

  2. Lol.. you are so excited till that extend. My holiday mood haven't kick in yet leh.
    But it's gonna be our first overseas trip together lo... after knowing each other for so long.. haha!

    1. Hahaha yes 2 decades!!! More to come I hope!!!


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