Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Wahahhahahaha, I just saw something on FB and I laughed hysterically, to myself.

I've this guy friend, who is mid 40 and he posted his selfies everyday, recently. And his guy friend left a comment, "if this continues everyday, sorry i'll block you liao".

I wonder if it's this sentence? Or his selfie is amusing??? LOLOL

(I also don't take selfie this often lor, lolol!)

Anyway, Raeann's out for excursion with her student care mates since this morning. I wonder if she's enjoying herself now? I hope so cos she was so so so so so so so so so excited about this outing. And becos she's excited, I must do my part too...

Deliberately set my alarm one hour earlier to prepare these!!! (I cooked the ham! My kids don't eat it uncooked!) I find it very cute that's why I wanna post! Those ugly food I prepared for them, I can't be bothered to even take photo!!! =D

I'm not trying to prove anything hor becos this is what a mother SHOULD do. Most mothers do all these for their kids, so it's NO BIG DEAL AT ALL.

Gonna be SAHDNM for tomorrow and Friday! Till then. 


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