Monday, March 3, 2014

"Show" happy!!!

OH YAYYYYY!!! I finally found someone to attend Show Lo's concert with me and after some technical issues, I FINALLY MANAGED TO BOOK THE TICKETS!!!

I tried to pay many many times but it just hanged and hanged and hanged. I almost give up cos I thought God probably don't want me to waste my money to chase idol, at my "young" age, lolol. 

I'll be attending it with Victoria!!! I posted on FB, saying that I'm hoping to find someone as crazy and happening as me. As in, I don't wish to go with a log, who will glue to the chair all the way. ZY don't like him at all, I didn't ask him to go cos I'm sure he will ask me to treat him one. Treating him is a small issue, but if I were to pay $200+ to see him sitting there like a log, I'd rather not go, hahaha! 

Actually, I find myself damn hilarious too, to be chasing idol at such age, damn hardcore somemore!!! You know why?

Cos I even ordered the tee and towel from Taiwan through his fanclub's fan. WOOOHOOO!!!

But I'm quite sad cos despite paying Cat 1 ticket price, we're placed sooooooooooooo far away from him. WALAO EH, how to shake hand with him?!?! (If I really get to shake his hand, I don't want to wash my hand for 3 days ah, lolol!) 

See you ah, my love, whahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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