Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Secret Mission

If you're following me on IG/FB page, you'd have seen my posts yesterday on a successful marriage proposal.

When K msged me about his plan around 3 months ago (to ask if I'm able to attend), on a gloomy working day, I got super excited after that! Hahaha! I agreed to go immediately, I'm so excited to be part of it!!!

PY was totally clueless about it cos it's a surprise mah. And you know, she msged me last week, "we MUST meet during this March school holiday, at least once!"

I was like, "okokok, we will meet lah", wahahhahahha. 

Everyone of us was given a "task" to do, and I was in charge of picking PY's parents up, at town, at 2pm. 

But, I was super scare to meet traffic jam and late, I reached there at about 1:30pm. I DISLIKE COCKING UP PEOPLE'S PLAN LAH! 

PY's mum asked why was I so excited, like as if I was the one getting proposed, lolol. I'm sincerely happy and excited okay! 

It took me quite awhile to find that hotel inside Sentosa!!! Omg, it's sooooo messy in there! I've no idea how many wrong routes I took! But luckily, I managed to find it! Haha! And I parked very far to avoid letting PY see my prominent pink car. It's so easy to recognise lor. And K said she remembers all our car plates so we have to "hide" our cars. Lolol 

All of us reached at 2+pm to prepare and do some decos...

These two girls, machiam twin or couple. Stick together like super glue! 

The ladies involved! (I don't know them and only met them for the first time! But they are so friendly and nice!) 

Because PY doesn't know that so many people were inside the room, we had to hide inside the toilet and surprise her. Then you know, MEIMEI KEPT TALKING AND TALKING. Walao eh. I had to shut her up by covering her mouth, omg. 

At first when K asked me to bring the two kids along, I was like, "ARE YOU SURE? They will spoil the romantic surprise leh!"

But heng ah, the plan went very smooth and successful! ^.^

PY teared!!! I didn't know that proposal can be so touching lor cos I never got proposed before. Wtf! Nvm, next life lor, and I hope I won't meet ZY again. If bo bian, please let me be the one who torture him instead. Thank you very much. 

Congrats!!! Very very happy for both of you! 

A toast to the successful secret mission!!! 

This uncle's very nice, helped me to entertain Meimei for the whole noon. Meimei was soooo busy till she forgotten to nap. She knocked out inside the car, on our way home. But she woke up the minute I dropped PY's mum at her place!

I started drinking at 4+pm till about 3am! Wth! (Alcohol and hangover sucks! Lol) 

At around 6+pm, I left with Meimei and PY's mum (sent her back) becos super glue Raeann wanted to stay longer and asked ZY to pick her up later. BUT after that, she called and say she wanna stay there & TADAH...

These were what happened! Lolol! 

We feel very safe when both of them are together, at either of our place, becos we know that they will be in good hands lah! And we always update each other on whatsapp one. Very nice to have such a friend hor?! Wanna know how? 


We didn't plan, everything just happened.  It's fate! 

Fated that we became closer again in these recent few years. Fated that Alexis and Raeann became best friends!!!

Thanks PY & K for taking care of this little imp and sending her back today! :) 

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