Monday, March 10, 2014

Yun Nam Hair Care


Before I start, yeahhhhh, HELLO, that's me at Yun Nam Hair Care; Jurong Point outlet. 

Established in 1984, Yun Nam Hair Care, a well-known household name for decades, firmly believes in using natural herbs to improve hair health.

Their customised hair treatments have helped countless male and female customers to recover from various hair problems.

They would examine your hair thoroughly to identify the causes of your hair problems and advise on which treatment is appropriate for you. With the use of advanced hair growth technology and herbal remedies, nutrients are actively penetrated into your hair scalp and follicles to significantly reduce hair fall and greatly increase hair growth.

So today, I'm gonna share my (first) fantastic experience at Yun Nam Hair Care with you. I'll show you my before & after scalp photos as well. But I need to warn you first, the "before" photos are quite gross, I developed goosebumps when I saw it myself.

The little room where they identify all your problems before proceeding for your treatment!

While waiting for registration and my consultant, THIS IS NORMAL LAH!! 
#foreverbusytakingphotos #IthinkIlookquitegoodthatday

Shortly after, my consultant; Chris came in. She asked about my areas of concern (my case - itchy scalp), medical records and all the necessary questions. 

Then, she used this to do a scalp analysis for me... 

(Before you proceed, please make sure your meal is already digested!)

Dry and flaky scalp (in another words, dandruff).  

Oh my! I didn't know I had dandruff. Becos when I scratch, I seldom see flakes dropping out mah. And my scalp don't itch whole day, it's only itch at night, I don't know why??? :(

You see, you see, I scratched till bleed! Ouch...


Chris explained to me why is my scalp like that! Mainly caused by often dying of hair; strong chemicals cause damages to scalp. I need to stop dying my hair so often!!! But well, I think I'm considered lucky cos I still have plenty of hair. 

Learnt a new word today - Psoriasis, which means eczema for scalp.

YUN NAM HAIR CARE USES ONLY NATURAL HERBS FOR ALL THEIR TREATMENTS AND PRODUCTS. And, every treatment is customised for different problems. Even their shampoo is made of herb and also, customised - appropriate for you

Chris used the Ginseng shampoo on me! I've always believed, anything made of herb is GOOD. Becos it's very safe, not harmful at all! :)

I was brought up with Chinese medications. In the past, when my great grandaunt was still around, we never have to visit a doctor when we were sick. We drank all the bitter Chinese medicines only. Yes, the result is slower, becos it helps to rectify the root of your problem, slowly but surely! Although I've to admit, I'm quite scared of the smell and taste!  

Next up, proceeded to do my treatment here...

WAH, I didn't know they have a "hidden" salon inside!!! It's so huge, can accommodate more than 20 customers. They also have a few personal rooms for customers who doesn't want to sit in the main hall. And I was told, during the evening time, it will be fully occupied. I went there at 11:30am (they open at 11am), and there were quite a few customers already. 

P/S : They have hair dye treatment (to cover grey hairs) using herbal formulas too! :)

Customised, specially for my scalp! 

If you're worried of the strong herbal smell (like me), FRET NOT, it's not smelly at all! Chris said that it does have a strong smell in the past, but they've already improved their formulas, so it doesn't smell that strong now. 

Shampoo first before doing the treatment, for cleansing so that the scalp will absorb nutrients more effectively.

Treatment time!!! Chris applied this all over my scalp...

Layer by layer! And then...

Steam it for 30 minutes!!! 

Enjoyed some tea & snacks during the 30 minutes, along with some magazines...

30 minutes passed quite fast eh, and it's time to wash it off & blow it dry!

Chris applied some Protein Essence on my hair after blowing it dry!

Now, I'm gonna show you the amazing result!

Lo and behold!!! 

SEE SEE SEE!!! (After is on the left!)

Apparently, all the flakes DISAPPEARED!!! And my scalp looks so clean now! 

My hair literally feels softer and smoother cos it's being nourished. No more itchy scalp! The feeling is simply awesome!!! Very very impressed with the instant result in just one treatment! 

Felt the need to take care of my hair and scalp after this visit. In the past, I really couldn't care less about it. Not particular over the hair products I use, didn't bother if it suits me or not. (I usually buy the ones with attractive packaging like pink? LOL) But the moment I saw my disgusting scalp, I really wonder how did I live with it!!! Imagine if I continue to heck care, I'll have serious dandruff problem sooner or later. Then, there will be obvious white flakes on my hair everyday and I'll look damn untidy, like never bathe lor. YUCKS, I don't wanna imagine further liao! 

Dear readers...

If yes, you're so so so lucky!

Yun Nam Hair Care is giving my readers: 

1 x Scalp Scan + Analysis 
1 X Herbalogy Scalp Treatment (the very same treatment I tried, but customized to your needs) 
1 x Hair Care Product Set worth $48 

 The above treatment totally free for new customers with hair concerns, aged 18 and above! 

 Click here: 
or ✆: 6363 3232 to redeem your complimentary treatment.


  1. Do you know much is their package like, ranging how much? they always give me a very expensive herbal hair treatment. If the packages are reasonable compare to my current one maybe I should go try it.

    1. No idea about that though... But maybe you can call and ask? Are you their existing customer?

    2. Nope , not from them. because i always heard they are very exp. I am with my bf's friend shop who give us quite good price. So wondering if YN is really that exp. I don't like to be hard sell.. so nv tried going for a trial before.

    3. Hmm, you can go for the free trial and then decide after knowing more? Got FOC hair care set leh! If I can I also go!! Heehee

  2. Cool! I was searching for hair care centers that uses natural herbs. I had my hair treatment at Lao Fo Ye and I was happy with the result. Same as Yun Nam, they are also using natural herbs.


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