Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back in my babies' hugs!

Having conflicted feelings to come back, lol. To be honest, when I was there, I didn't miss SG at all. Becos I know when I come back, I'll have soooooo many (mother) tasks to do everyday. And Raeann will continue giving me problems, making my life difficult. So I was really kind of sian, until I saw the two of them greeting me with a wide smile... "MUMMY" when I arrived SG!!! 

My mum said, for the past few days when I was not around, Meimei cried everyday when she go to school, saying "I WANT MUMMY". Yes lor, that's how sticky she is to me. 

So now, she literally follow me everywhere I go, even to the toilet. She don't want anyone else. Siao liao!!! Booohooohooo!

Nua-ed 3+ days in Krabi, drank and drank and drank (beer) from morning till night, in my dreamy mode everyday. Haha! Weather is TMD HOT, that's why! 

Jialat liao, I'm even more nua now after this nua trip. Hahaha maybe jet lag?? Wahahaha ok lah, gonna zzz soon! ^.^

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