Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gonna miss my babies...

Finally got my ass up to start "throwing" stuffs into the luggage. Hahaha I love to travel but I dislike packing/unpacking luggage!!!

My list gets longer and longer the more I think of it, and I've to strike off like half the amount away. Lol 

Hiao is lidat one, BO BIAN. 

I'm even bringing my Babyliss along okay! Oh, think I didn't mention it but I just bought a new Babyliss cos the old one is spoil, lol! Think my hair too much so it literally burnt. 

So, our intention was to NUA, and I hope we really NUA TO THE MAX there. Nua also must look pretty so I can be camera ready anytime, hahahahaha! 

Tonight's the last night (before I fly) to sleep with my two babies liao, Meimei won't be coming back tomorrow cos I've to leave the house at 7am on Thursday morning. 

I'm kind of feeling guilty actually, to leave them here while I go and enjoy. No idea if I'll tear again or not! HA HA HA

Most mums will feel this way I guess. And thus, to lessen my guilt, I bought them toys today!!!

If you didn't know yet, I seldom buy toys for them cos the whole house is already filled with toys. My dad will nag lah! But the rest of their stuffs, like clothes/shoes/stationery, I just can't stop buying them. 

But Meimei has been asking for a vacuum cleaner cos she wanna clean the house you see. Hahaha! So when I saw, I just buy lah. 

They were so excited and happy when they saw the toys. Keep playing and playing with it. I'm training them to do housework okay! And the toys are battery operated, so the washing machine really can spin and the vacuum really can suck. Very cheap only, $19.90 and $12.90 and uncle gave me a pack of free AA batteries. 

They knew I'm going for holiday. Raeann is old enough to understand but I had to bluff Meimei that I'm going there to buy milk powder. Wahahahaha! Everytime I wanna go out, I've to tell her that I'm going out to buy her "neh neh", then she will allow. Otherwise, NO WAY she will let me leave the house without her, in peace. 

Will come back earlier tomorrow to pack the last stack in and I'm done, READY FOR KRABI!!! =D FOUR DAYS OF HEAVEN, I will enjoy, definitely. 


  1. Now I panic.. coz I anyhow throw nia. Tonight shall pack with more effort. We go there see if got any cute things for the 2 lil ones.

    1. Yah, I intend to buy those "I love Krabi" tees for them too. LOL

  2. Have a safe n fun trip! Enjoy!


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