Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Helloooooooo! How's ya week?! I wasn't much looking forward to this long weekend actually cos mum went overseas again liao! But thankfully, I've been coping quite well, phewz!

I've to study some notes tomorrow cos I've an important meeting with Indo customers alone on Monday morning. I'm very nervous ah. I hope I can do it well. *pray* 

Some pictures over the past few days...

Dinner with fam on Thursday night at Golden Mile Thien Kee, it's my mum's favourite! But that place (the building beside) stinks, really. I really BTH that smell. 

After dinner, I drove my bro's car home. And then I don't know how I ended up at MCE and lost my fucking way. And then I tour around SG with sleeping Meimei. 


Brought the kids for movie - Captain America at Cathay Cineplex. 

Then hop over to my "bf" shop at Scape, HAHAHAHA! It's funny cos that time Vic WA me asking "when's your bf concert ah?" Lolol 

Received WA from Cheryl asking me out for dinner. So we decided on a very impromptu steamboat at my place! 

What's steamboat without alcohol?! Kept drinking these 2 days cos the weather is so frigging HOT. Wapiang eh, especially today!!!

Taught Raeann part of her homework and brought them for a swim...

Walao eh! Totally wrong choice to wear this bikini. Almost dropped/zao geng a few times cos I've to carry them. Damn it! I think it's too loose for me!!! 

(We didn't purposely pose like this btw!) 

Meimei's a blackie. She is unlike us, she gets tan easily and very very difficult to become fair again. I'm also getting darker, need to avoid the sun for one month liao! Haha

That's how much Raeann dislike looking at the camera. But nice pose I must say, lolol! Ok, that's all for now. I need to sleep liao, good night all! :) 

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