Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Krabi April 2014 ~ Day 1

Date : 3rd April 2014

Anyway, just a short intro about Krabi...
Krabi (Thai: กระบี่) is a town (thesaban mueang) on the west coast of southern Thailand at the mouth of the Krabi River where it empties in Phangnga Bay.
In fact, I only got to know about this place in these recent years. Becos, I assumed, it's not so popular? This place is just like Hatyai, very small and seemingly uninteresting. But if you're one who love the sun, beach and those water sports, or one who simply love to nua, Krabi is the right place for you. HAHA

I brought only 10,000 baht (about S$390) and just overspent by a little, for shopping, massage, food & beer. It's quite unlike of me, lol. Becos when I travel, I simply don't care about money one. I don't budget myself, I just spend on whatever I like. This is the purpose of travelling what, to enjoy to the max! (What I'm always worried about are, the luggage no space and overweight only!)

And well, Krabi is not that outdated, idiot me brought soooooo many clothes, and had no chance to wear 1/2 of them lor. LOL! Wasted my time to pack, should have just dump a few pieces in and go, haha! So now I know lah!!

Am glad I went ahead without planning anything, even though it's a nua trip, I also nua till very song. And hor, I'M STILL VERY NUA NOW. My nua mode is not over yet. Feeling so restless and lazy to do anything. Post holiday syndrome?!

Took the morning flight and I left the house at 7:15am, picked ML up and encountered the morning jam, total cab fare cost about $47? That's one reason I dislike staying in Jurong.

Look at Meiling (sis)'s cute Hello Kitty luggage!!

Friends for more than 2 decades; friends for life!!! :) 

See how much craps I brought!!! LOL

Okay, byeeee SG!!!

I thought we still have plenty of time to shop around at DFS, but no leh, we were almost late after breakfast.

Boarding the plane liao... (Actually I didn't realise the bra until someone left a comment and I took it down from FB, lolol! My blog is more personal lah!) 

Had beer early in the morning, those Taiwan fruit beer though. And oh, that's my more than one month old nails, still looking good yeah? (Pink Nail Studio)


I got chided for taking this photo, lol!

Took a taxi at 600 baht (about 30 mins) to our resort; Ananta Burin Resort Krabi. Everything about the resort is good, our room is sooooo huge! Service is good too! =D

Lunch beside our resort before checking in, omg, the food is goooooooood!!!

Poor ML, she doesn't like to take photo one but I kept dragging her to take photos, and more photos, lol.

But it's a little far from the beach & shops area. However, you can always take a taxi at only 30 baht per pax! We only took it once on the 3rd day, we kept walking and walking (to & fro) for the rest of the days, cos there are some shops along the way too. Cheap thrills you know? Must show full force bargaining power though. 

Rested awhile before we go explore...

Fake Pandora, lol.

Fake designer sunglasses too!

How? My fake Ray ban chio not? 280 (or 300) baht only!!! LOL (Deliberately bought a fake one cos if my carelessness caused me to lose it, I won't feel heartpain!)

Most disgusting ice cream, ever. 

Dinner here, tap their wifi for free!!!

And we saw this! Yay! Selfie FTW!!! HAHAHAHA

Alcohol is so cheap there! Meiling don't drink though and it's quite boring to drink alone. But I still drink lah!

The Indian Muslim food is very very nice, but not their Thai food please!

The angmohs love to walk/dine half naked there.

Back to the room after dinner cos hor, alot of tiko pehs, lol.

100 baht I think? Can't remember. 

Bubble bath to end the first night!!! =D

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