Thursday, April 10, 2014

Krabi April 2014 ~ Day 2

Date : 4th April 2014

We bought the same dress the day before. I told her to get white (like me) cos other colors very hard to match! I think it's 280 baht (about $11)?

How? Got artistic or not? Purposely pose one hor! 

Same top again!! YAY!!!

No, really, I don't mind having same stuffs as my friends (or people whom I deemed as friends) but please don't twist the story around and tell others that I so like to copy you when in fact, you're the one doing so! #punintended

Down to the pool to nua...

Everyday must bubble bath!!!

I always sit at the balcony bio see if there's any handsome man at the pool or not, lolol. (I like to see pretty girls too!!!) Managed to see one throughout this trip and I asked ML to see, she also say he's not bad, whahahahahahah. Abit Lee Hom style you know!!! (Please ah, see only, see won't die, at least I honestly admit. Unlike some others who secretly see but pretend to be very high class!) 

Okay, this place; food is not bad but the service is SUPER FUCKED UP. Not recommended at all! The waitresses just stood there and chit chat and pretended not to see us! Plus, alot of ants and mosquitos, eat until so uncomfortable!!!

Then we went for the 120 min - Oriental Package massage. (We felt cheated though!)

Was served fruits and drink after our massage!

Suddenly heavy rain lor so we just slacked around and walked back when the rain got smaller (luckily it's quite near to our resort nia). Sibei nua after the massage, but it managed to cure my neck (落枕) abit. I could move after that!!!

Went to the supermarket to get moreeeeee beer!!! 

Then, lazed around and had some chips! Nua to the max liao! LOL


  1. Wow.. making me wanna go on holiday n nua also...

    1. Yah, a nua holiday once in awhile is great!!!


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