Thursday, April 10, 2014

Krabi April 2014 ~ Day 3

Date : 5th April 2014

Actually had the intention to skip breakfast cos we decided that we will sleep till when we feel like waking up. However, becos of the auto alarm in us, we didn't managed to sleep till noon. We woke up about 1 hour before the breakfast ends, so we just washed up and went for the free breakfast lor. 

I suddenly remember that I can take a panorama shot of the whole resort. My friend said it looks like Tekong, lol. Tekong so beautiful one ah??? And then, we decided to  nua by the pool first and go out later... 

Need I say more? LOL

Sibeh sibeh sibeh nua. But sibeh sibeh sibeh song! HA HA

And we were "lucky" cos no sun leh, but the water damn cold.

Then we went up to bubble bath again but didn't take photo liao! LOL

We went back to the Indian Muslim restaurant to have our lateeee lunch but we ordered their Thai food and it tasted quite sucks. NO NICE NA! But I really like their free strong wifi signal. We go everywhere, we asked to tap their wifi, hahahaha! Phone slave!!! Need to quit this habit, it's really not good. But how to??

Walking aimlessly around after that and we saw this...

So we went for massage again!!! Life's great! HAHAHAH

400 baht only and it's lagi shiok!!!!!!!

Walked back cos I wanted to spend ALL my Thai baht on gifts and souvenirs. And I really did, lol.

What's this? LOLOLOL

The roadside stall along the way, just a few steps away from our resort.

Ordered room service and charge to card cos we spent till dry liao, wahhahahaha! That's our intention and we need to be back to the room earlier to pack our luggage as we have to check out at 9am the next day!

This is only about 3/4 packed! LOL

You know, ML is so neat and tidy, she can squeeze and squeeze and squeeze while I just dump everything inside, chin chai fold/roll abit then zip it up. That's how I pack, unless it's super full then I'll pack nicely to squeeze everything in. Lidat consider ok lah hor??? Please say yes, ok, thank you. 


  1. Babe, I didn't see any extra fat on you where you always said. Nice figure wor! I want!

    1. Wahahhaha, it's angle!!! I just decided to 减肥, lolol!!


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