Friday, April 11, 2014

Krabi April 2014 ~ (Last) Day 4

Date : 6th April 2014

Last few shots before checking out...

SOB SOB! I'll be back to nua again. 

Last hearty breakfast there!!! YUM YUM

Same, 600 baht to Airport but this "taxi" is so huge and comfy!!!

The airport is... lousy!

I really didn't buy alot leh, but my luggage is soooooo full liao.

Saw this at the airport and decide instantly that I've to buy it home, I swept all the chilli ones off the shelf. Changed some Thai baht with ML using SG currency. NO REGRET, IT'S DAMN GOOD CAN!!! Soooooooo goodddddddddd! About S$2 per piece only! 


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