Sunday, April 13, 2014

One day trip to Batam!

Tagged along my parents to Batam with sis yesterday morning! It was a very very last minute decision. My mum told me like 10am in the morning and I was like "ok go" and thinking how to settle the kids. 

So, I placed the kids at my aunt's and left my car for them to use. Want to trouble people, of cos I've to make it very convenient for them too. 

Reached liao, about 45 mins ferry ride? Not sure cos I never take note.

Then, my customer came to pick us up! :) He dropped my dad off to meet up with the big boss, and sent us to this shopping mall - Nagoya Hill (or something?). He's super nice and funny lor! 

Apparently, it's their largest and most happening shopping mall there! It looks very much similar to KSL though. 

Had our late lunch here! 

Jus Alpucat! Favourite!!! 

Yum yum. Food is not bad and not expensive! :) 

Then we walked around for awhile and decided to go and do our hair. Wanna dye at first but not enough time so just settle for the scalp and hair treatment, wash and blow (inclusive of neck, shoulder and hand massage) @ Rp 212,000.00, which is about S$23. 

Their treatment is manual type. They slowly massage the treatment on your scalp and hair. The massage is quite shiok leh. 

Anyway, I only changed S$100 lor, spent until sooooooo shiok!!! Bought many things for kids and 3 boxes of falsies for myself, heehee! 

Dinner at this oh-so-popular Golden Prawn kelong look alike restaurant. 

Choosing live seafood! 

This "hum" is so TMD HUGE!!! The flesh looks very scary but according to my sis and mum, it's nice! I never eat most of these shell types seafood for many many years already. 

Took the last ferry and reached home at almost 12am!!! So fun sia! 

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