Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Date : 3rd May 2014; Saturday

FINALLY! I've been waiting and counting down for it... 

Early dinner with mum, Bo, Vic & friend before the concert, I was there at 5pm!!! Hahaha 


I ordered the tee and towel from Taiwan. But after shipping, it's more expensive than what was sold on the spot, lol. The towel cost S$24 if I didn't remember wrongly. But the towel is sold out already. So, no regret lah! 

Saw Lee Teng there too, selling their STAGE stuffs! I never buy anything, but he also take a photo with me, so nice!!! (He took my phone to take this selfie, lolol!) 

From Samsung MV800

From Samsung MV800

We were placed soooooooooooooooooo damn far, at row 29 despite paying for the most expensive tickets. And ALL the CAT 1 people love to stand, if you don't stand with them, all you can see are only butts. So Vic and I have come to a conclusion, that if next time never get first 5 rows, don't watch! And we're considering to join SFC liao, hahahahaha!!! 

The lighting inside the concert hall is not good so we have to use filter to take nicer photos. And of cos, with Vic's sibei pro editing skill, ugly photos also can turn out very chio, lol. 

I didn't take much photos but I took plenty of videos!!! Lazy to upload and post here but I posted a few short ones on Instagram (and FB page), probably you wanna watch it there? =D

The song he wrote and sang for his late daddy - 如果还有如果. You know what's one thing I like about him? He's SUPER filial!!! This is a known fact everyone knows. That's his baby photo! Heehee

From my Samsung MV800

From Samsung MV800

He's so cute, funny, humorous, handsome, cool, charming and etc etc. Every single part of him, wooohooo, BEST!!! LOL, okay lah, I know I'm too over but just let me be crazy for once can anot? HA HA HA

His concert is super high leh, worth it lor. But then hor, why it ended so early (around 10:30pm) huh??? I was just starting to get HIGH then ended liao. The feeling dangling there is so tmd lor. Vic told me "okay, ended liao, we can go liao". And I went, "huh? so fast meh? no lah, still got encho mah". Then she said, "I thought just now already encho?" LOLOLOL

Okay, a video I took the whole morning to upload to end this post. My favourite song from him - 不具名的悲伤 but there's a part he sang wrongly, still very nice though, lolol.

Oh yah, if you're wondering where's my kids... One at my aunt's place, another one with PY, lol. Very nice hor, I'm so thankful to have people helping me when I need help. Blessed with nice friends and people around me! :)

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