Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[6th] The Checkers


Time flies... It's been 6 months with Pink Nail Studio, and I'm still lovin' them very much. And hey, those who went there after reading my blog, thank you very much for trusting me! =)

I went there yesterday to get my 1 month+ (but still looking good) gelish removed and new design applied. I think if not for my chipped toe nail (cos I went to peel due to painful ingrown), I'll just leave it until it's damaged. LOL

Esther is the one thinking and deciding the colors and designs for me everytime (unless I requested). I really hate to think lah, so I leave it to her to do whatever she wants. And it always turn out so nice and lasting!!!

Side track : My Twin Star bracelet 几 cute hor?!

O'rite, her designs might be simple but I like it simple leh. 简单就是美!!! Also, her gelish are all good brands, very very lasting! Those who did your nails there before, don't you agree with me? =D

And today, I brought my mum to fix her poor nails... (Cos I wanna pass Esther something and I asked if she wanna comes along. And she finally decided to fix her nails.)

You see lah, her nails, so scary hor, and it has been lidat since few months ago. I always ask her to go with me to fix it but she's always busy busy busy. But actually, she's scare of pain lah. However, it's literally pain-less when they did it for her just now. Thumbs up!

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
☏ : 9227 7000 (Esther)

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