Friday, May 9, 2014

All about food and alcohol!!!

Ok, first, I've to apologise for neglecting this blog. I'm not being proud, I'm just lazy!

Becos lately, I've been going out more often than before. And it's all about food and alcohol only. Also, Cheryl has been dropping by my place for food & alcohol party, and I mean, at least once a week. I THINK SHE MISS ME ALOT! HAHAHAHA 

So just now, to avoid my dad, I went off at around 4pm to meet PY for a beer. It's only decided this morning. I'm going to her place to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow, hahah! (Just look at the occasion we're celebrating now??? Old liao!!) 

This is so worth!!!

2 beer + 1 pizza = $19 (before tax) only!!! Brotzeit @ Westgate!!! Don't say I never share ah. Then, just before I leave that place (to pick Meimei), I received this msg...

I'm waiting for 2nd round now - lychee wine from TWC. Packed some food back for this wine party, hee.

You see, I'm really indulging myself in food & alcohol, that's why I've no mood to blog. Lol

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