Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of ugly-ness!

If you're not on my FB page, you will be shocked by what I wanna blog now, again. 



Really buay tahan how ugly I look and how uncomfy it is. I pleaded with the ortho to let me switch to Invisalign instead, which means I've to top up another $2K+. (Invisalign costs $7K + GST!) 

I'm not rich, but I don't wish to be emo for the next one year or so. Happiness is more important than money. Anyway, I've already setted aside $4K+ for braces so I put that $4K+ as the deposit and the balance I'm paying by instalment.

I'm so glad I did so!! Becos it was a total torture for the past one week! 

The ortho buay tahan me, I think. I keep bargaining with him. Haha! He didn't charge me for the braces at all. So nice of him!!! 

In just one week, my teeth move so much, that my top is quite straight now, amazing!!!

Happy girl is me!!! Heehee 

I'll treat it as a birthday present for myself. BIG 3, need to reward myself with something BIG!! =D 

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