Monday, May 26, 2014

Sinking into depression soon...

Into my 5th day of braces and I can honestly tell you, I HATE IT SO SO SO MUCH. In fact, during the 1st night, I already have the urge to go and remove it the next day. Cos, 

1) IT'S SO FUGLY!!! (And I'm sibei low morale! Don't dare to go out! Hurhur)
2) IT'S FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE! (Like a piece of thing disturbing you!)
3) I CAN'T EAT! 

Walao eh. It's so torturing man. But I keep telling myself to 忍 cos of the $4.2K. TMD! 

The only "bright" side is that, I lost 2kgs in 3 days. I jog till I die also cannot even lose 1kg lor. So people, if you wanna lose weight, GO PUT BRACES. (Depends on individual though!) I'm prepared to lose like 5kgs throughout this process, wahahhahahahahaha!!! 

I brought forward my next appointment to this coming Thursday liao. Apple taught me to go every week to speed up the process. I INTENDED TO DO THAT! I hope to remove it in less than a year. I will pray and pray everyday. 

You know, simply everyday, I'll receive msgs from friends, nagging at me, say I eat too full, too much money don't know where to spend, my teeth very nice liao, why itchy backside go put braces, blah blah blah. And they said I'm ugly now. 

I'm very sad! The more they say, the more regret I feel, becos I somehow agreed too. And I'm quite worried I'll turn out uglier than my past after removing the braces. If this goes on, I think I'll sink into depression soon... Sigh!!!


  1. Dont depress over it, I believe you wont regret, I saw many friends achieve better look from it. Sharper face shape, nicer smile etc. Ren ren ren! hee

    1. Yeahhhhh thanks babe!!! RENNNNN. But I feel like switching to invisalign leh, dk can or not...


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