Sunday, May 11, 2014

SkinnyMint Teatox

Placed an order two days ago cos I saw a lot of bloggers raving about it. So today, I'm gonna start my 14 days teatox!!! 

Gonna be very disciplined, no alcohol for the next 14 days, lol. What's this shit I'm talking about!? I don't used to be an alcoholic what!!! Haha

The husband dated me out (for the first time in 7 years with no other motives) yesterday. He knew I love to sing so he brought me to Kbox. It was fully booked everywhere, we just tried our luck to walk-in. And he suggested watching a movie if there's no room available.

The lighting not bad hor, but the aircon is knncb COLD. ZY's friends said it's even colder than winter in China. Hahaha! We almost got freezed there. 

My whole afternoon was spent at TPY; PY's place. She prepared Sukiyaki...

Yummy!! I like becos there's pork!!! Hahaha I LOVE PORK! 

So, while the girls play, me and PY just slacked on the sofa, shut our ears and play with our phones. Sibei immune to NOISE, 已经到了最高境界了!!! 


Creamier's ice cream waffle!!! I usually eat the "sea salt gula melaka" and "earl grey lavender" flavours. But I tried the "orange vodka" (something lidat!) yesterday and it's so goodddddddd!!! :) 

But I can't finish the waffle cos I was already full from the sukiyaki!! 

Craving for the ice cream again now... Weather very hot man!!! 


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