Saturday, May 17, 2014

Spruce @ Bukit Timah, Old Fire Station

Impromptuly jio-ed J for lunch at 12pm. Prepared and picked her around 1:45pm. I brought her to this place...

No idea why this place came to my mind, and I thought "ok go", I've never been there before though. Even if J can't make it, I'll still bring the kids there alone. That's how independent I am. Want to go, just go, I don't need to rely on anyone, including ZY. Mentally, physically & financially independent. 

2pm fix - lychee martini.

Kids meal at $12 each, comes with a drink. The spaghetti is tasteless.

The red velvet cupcake ($4) is not bad, but the nutella ($4) cupcake is very bitter. I don't really like chocolate, especially those dark chocolate. When I saw the nutella cupcake, my 1st reaction was, "wah, why so black one??" The tuna burger; patty abit salty, other than that, the burger is quite okay lah.

They made new friends easily. So, it was quite peaceful for me after meal, cos they played with them.

Another shot!!! Oh, btw, it's 1 for 1 for all their martini. We had raspberry and grapefruit this time round. But sorry to say, I think only lychee martini is good.

Natural rosiness from drinking. 

Best compliment ever...

Manager : do u workout?
Me : no...
Manager : how did you mantain your figure when you're already a mother of 2? (Was wearing very tight fit and I thought I was fat!)
Me : I think my figure could be better if I workout!!! Hahaha 

So flattered... Lol!!!

This boy is same age as Meimei!!! But look at their size difference??? OMG. Nobody believe me when I said Meimei is less than 3 years old!!! Cos of her size and the way she speaks/behaves, she looks like 4 years old now lor!!! 

Overall, I think this place is okay, nice ambience and good service. Worth a try, especially for dates!

Edited : 19th May 2014, 4:15pm

A friend brought me to Spruce (again) for lunch just now...

First time eating this; Foie Gras! And I finally understand why so many people love this now.

Salad becos we're on diet. But the serving is soooooooooo HUGE, I ate like 1/3 only.


  1. i think you are getting slimmer n slimmer compare to the past .. and also pretty and prettier ...
    Ya how come you can be so slim!!!!

    1. Hur hur, I think is the photo angles leh, cos I'm not getting slimmer leh!!! :(

      Your compliments made my day!!! =D


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