Monday, May 5, 2014

The most impromptu BBQ!

Cheryl, that siao charbor has gotta be the MOST impromptu friend I have. You know, she called me yesterday noon around 1-2pm, asking if I wanna BBQ at night (at my place) not? I was like.. "huh? but I got no time to go and buy food leh". Then she said, "nvm, I'll buy everything". So at around 5pm, I msged her, ask her where is she going to buy the food, I can go with her lah. She replied, "I buy everything liao."

And she came with all these...

She even spent time to marinate & prepare. OMG. So serious one!!!

These are the leftover of the bacon vege after we took out those above. ONLY 2 of us leh, how to finish?! LOL! But ZY and Bo also joined in lah. 

I went to the market, bought and added in some food as well. HAHAHA 

Mary cooked pig trotter bee hoon too!!!

Bacon wrap prawn, omfg, this is soooooooooo damn good!!!

This too!!!

When it comes to food, ask Cheryl, she's one food guru. So everytime when we meet up, she's the one bringing me to eat all the nice food, and it's really good one!!! But she tmd lah, eat and eat still so slim. If I eat lidat, I cannot imagine what's my size now.

This is BBQ squid, not BBQ chilli. LOL

Even though my dad is abit sot sot at times, my friends still love coming to my place. (If you didn't know yet, I'm living in a far end ulu kampong whereby the birds won't even bother to pay a visit, lol.) However, I don't just entertain anyone hor. If I bother to entertain you, it means you stand a place in my heart. Otherwise, well, you can just fuck off! Haha 

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