Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vesak Day

No idea when was the last time I tagged along the husband to pray on Vesak day. I didn't want to go (I know I sounded very insincere here) becos I know it will be VERY crowded. Honestly, if you're sincere, pray anytime also can right? Why must pray only on Vesak day leh? (Correct me if I'm wrong!) Anyway, I'm not a Buddhist, my religion is Taoism, which I don't know what's the difference also lah. 

We went all the way to the Thai temple at Lor Ong Lye, didn't even know this place exist lor.

Jiejie didn't go cos early in the morning, she went out with my mum liao.

Back home, my bro's friends (and their kids) came for steamboat, in the freaking hot weather. LOL, I cannot eat when it's so warm & stuffy, I wonder how they did it. I was sweating for the WHOLE DAY lor.

Cheryl came over around 5+pm and guess what's cooking???


And then, we had steamboat for dinner. Wahahhahaha, I don't know I detox simi lan leh. I should control my diet one, but end up I ate more. And I also sipped wine yesterday. Cheryl said drink wine will look young, so I should drink more. LOL

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