Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yoogane has finally come to SG!!!

OH YES! It's finally in SG!!! I had it in Korea last year! (Read the link here!) It's soooooo good! =D 

My sis tagged me on FB yesterday about it's opening and I suddenly crave for it so much that I decided to make a trip there for dinner today. 

Little lover was so clingy and in bad mood, lol. Wonder why I always take pictures with her only? Becos Raeann dislike taking picture but Meimei, on the contrary, loves taking picture, just like me, lolol!!!

Upon reaching there, then I know that today is the first day of operation. Sigh, the queue is sooooooooooooooooo damn longgggggg. No, they don't take any reservation. 

Sad to say, we gave up queuing halfway cos it wasn't moving at all & all of us were mad hungry already. The kids were noisy, the adults were frustrated, wrong company to join this craze. Actually, I HATE queuing too lah! 

Shall go during off peak hours in future! I must go, I must eat it, now I very 不爽 that I never get to eat it!!! Roarrrrr!

Ended up having Japanese food at the restaurant beside. No queue at all! 

The kids love udon!! 肥肥的面!!! Frankly speaking, the food is not bad. But my heart's not with them leh. Hahaha! My whole mind filled with Yoogane only! 

Went to walk abit after dinner, and dropped by Cafe Le Circuit, opened by ZY's friend. He sent me an invite yesterday, it's Cafe Le Circuit's one year anniversary, I promised him I'll drop by today and so I did, with the kids! :)

Both kept di di siao siao, buay tahan. I think I've tamed myself too much, I'm not so strict with them anymore and they started to be so naughty. Sigh! It's tiring to be a devil all the time. 

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