Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ Day 1

Date: 22nd June 2014; Sunday

Oh, I just realised, I went on the same date in 2011!!! Haha, 2nd time celebrating my birthday there! =D

So yeah, read back my old posts on what's nice in Hatyai, becos I'm not gonna elaborate in details now, as the places we went are almost the same as the past. Except that there's a new shopping mall, the largest mall in Hatyai, but honestly, it's large and empty, nothing much leh.

P/S: I need to praise the two girls as they survived without milk for the 4 days 3 nights, without fussing. I already told them before hand that I'm not gonna bring. Raeann is okay cos she's grown up already but I cannot bring only Meimei one, she will say that I'm unfair. Both also don't bring, very fair!

And here I go...

Been supporting Germany (Muller) since the last WC, so yeah, Germany GO GO GO!!!

Birthday kisses from my darlings!!!

Have to strap her up becos she's sooooooo... TERRIBLE!!!



She didn't even know that the plane has departed. No feel at all.

But she fussed a little during the landing (at Hatyai), complaining ear pain, but I think she was sleepy, that's why cranky. I carried her in my arms, she fell asleep within 5 mins!!

Carry her until I buay tahan and thus, I placed her on top of my luggage (the belt is stationary) while waiting for my parents to get their passport chopped. I went to the police and asked if I can have priority becos she's very heavy. They deliberately open up a counter to do for me (and close it after that), so nice and friendly of them! This is call flexibility. Our own county has too many laws and humans become so inflexible... Like robots you know? 

I think this photo is damn funny!!

Free sim card from the airport!!!


Lunch before going hotel.

This is damn good cos you just need a little bit, and the bubble foam, WOW, I shocked sia. Bought it there at less than $10. I think I still have half a bottle back. I tried my best to finish it liao. Me and the kids soaked everyday and night, lolol.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Awesome 30th (Part II & III)!

ZY planned a dinner and bought a cake the day before I left for Hatyai on 21st June; Saturday evening. This was the 2nd cake I had! 

Mommy passed me this at 12am sharp; 23rd June, with all her best wishes! She treated me to a sumptuous dinner at Hatyai on that day too! Mommy's the best! 

Then, bro, Jer & Qing surprised me with these cakes! Well, it was late and they walked a few streets, went to a few bakeries to get these! So much efforts! 

I reached home (25th June) with this on my table! From my bro and SIL! =) 

Bro & Jer also left a present on my table few days back, which I forgotten when liao! 

Not forgetting the gifts I've received way before my birthday, and all the birthday celebrations & wishes! Thank you all, I appreciate everything very much. You guys make my 30th very awesome! ^.^

And yesterday, Esther and Jennifer made my nails MAD BEAUTIFUL can! 

Galaxy dream... If only I can be in my dream forever! 

Jennifer spent a lot of time and effort to hand-drawn both my fingers and toes! Awww.... So lovin' my new set of galaxy nails!!! Thank you Esther and Jennifer! =)

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
☏ : 9227 7000 (Esther)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

London Weight Management


Finally, it's Sunday! Which means, I'll be flying off to Hatyai today! To keep it casual yet sophisticated suitable for this hot weather, I put on this light airy maxi dress with a flip flop and I styled my hair with my favourite Babyliss hair dryer.  
Outfit of the dayFlora Maxi from Love Bonito |  Flip flop from Ipanema
Streamline your waist for the summer blues
It's the time of the year when the heat is totally unbearable. Drowning in my own sweat? I can't!
Wearing more lightweight and airy outfits only seem like a sane choice. But that would also mean I'll have to make sure I get through my motivation of exercising (less always means more to show right?). It's definitely slipping through those sweaty grips of mine. Arghhh.
So, if you are like me (with great minds), let's try a smarter way to work around this!
London Weight Management is giving away 6 x Slimming Treatment + 1 Retail-Sized Trim Fluid to all my readers here (so if you are reading this, you are in luck).

All you have to do is fill in your deets here:

It is proven that their treatments guarantee a lost of up to 2kg and about 8-22cm in just 1 session! It'll be a great way to streamline your summer blues, literally. Definitely gives you more reasons to look forward to your summer break (though it's summer all year round in this tiny island). Hitting the beach sure seems like a great plan.  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Awesome 30th!

Goshhh, I've no idea when was the last time I cut a cake during my birthday. I think it's more than 5 years ago. Till I lost interest in celebrating birthday, like it's no big deal at all.

But well, since I'm gonna hit 30 mark this year, I wanna celebrate (just like 21st) and wish I can be happy, for as long as I live, same goes to everyone around me. Be happy, healthy and blessed! 

And I'm really lucky to have friends with me this year. Usually, it's just a family dinner, so I'm extra happy this year lah! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone around yesterday. 

Especially Justin, whom I didn't get to meet yesterday cos he was feeling sooooo sick and he left before I reached. Despite being sick, he bought a cake there and wanna wish me happy birthday personally! But he cannot tahan liao so he left first! 

I didn't know he/who will be going cos we usually don't ask one. Everytime we meet is so impromptu, like who is free then go lor. If I know, I'll just skip dinner and be there earlier!!! Sighhhhh! Soooooo guilty can! :(

Oh, Zen deliberately went to buy those longevity candles from Bugis. He dropped once, and he went to buy it again. Thanks ah. And I've no idea why he put so many candles on the cake lor! It's okay, woman's age is meant to keep as a secret anyway. Hahaha! But it's ain't any secret for my case, when people asked me, much as I don't wish to reveal, I will still tell them the truth. I don't know how to lie... 

I'll jokingly tell them that I'm only 21 and some will reply "oh I'm also 21 this year", lol, seems like a lot of people are afraid of growing old!!! 

Zen said I look like I'm wishing for Nigeria to win WC champion, lololol!!! Odds damn high can, 1:2001, wahahahah! 

We took some photos lah but hahaha, sorry, I'm not allowed to post! My friends like to stay low profile. It's not that I've something to hide, but I need to respect others. 
Just so you know, I've more guy friends then girl friends, and it has all along been lidat since young. They are just purely friends, some treated me like their sister. I honestly don't see anything wrong with that. Accept or walk away, don't ever force me to change becos of you. If I want to, I'll do it willingly. But first, show me that you're worth it! #justsaying

Going for dinner with thy family tonight, and flying off tomorrow morning! Packing luggage for three now and it's sucha headache!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Date: 15th June 2014, Sunday

I know I've blogged about this place before, you can read it here! But their service is sooooo impressive that they deserved another post about it!

Their service, omg, I deemed it best in the world, I'm serious! Not to mention that their food is great, fresh and unique too. 

Love their wide range of condiments, especially their featured chilli. Spicy but nice!!! 

Laksa & chicken soup base! Fantastic!!! 

Love this so much!!!

These are what we ordered! I eat till I cannot move... (No idea if tummy is filled with food or anger though!) 

The waitress surprised the kids with 荧光棒, one each! Nice!

Then they have this counter, teaching people how to wrap dumplings. Raeann made the two weird shaped ones! Haha

They also gifted this to ZY! I think they really know how to do business leh, Singaporeans love free gifts mah, so they used this method to make us fall in love with them, hahaha!

Vic is like a family to us now. My mum treated her like her own daughter and I treated her like my little sis! Only fate can explain why. 

By the way, don't say I never share, do make a reservation two weeks in advance if you wanna visit Hai Di Lao, else you've gotta wait for few hours before getting a seat! No joke, my friend waited like 4 hours before! 

Thankfully, Vic made the reservation and we need not have to wait or queue at all! Thank you dear! =D

Address: Clarke Quay, 3D River Valley Road, #02-04, Singapore 179023
Tel: 6337 8626
Average Price: About $50/pax