Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Big 3 at Hatyai!!!

The last time I went to Hatyai was in February 2012, that's like more than 2 years ago. Woah, time passes so fast leh!!! 

But anyway, I've booked tickets for myself and the two kiddos to Hatyai from 22nd to 25th June yesterday. ZY is not going! But my parents, bro, bro's gf and her parents are going together. 

The kids have been asking to go overseas, and it will be Meimei's first trip!!! OMG, it's so scary! 

I'm not as daring as last time becos I don't wanna "challenge" Meimei, I'm fully aware of how mischievous is she. And there's a huge difference in bringing one and two out. I pray, hope and wish that I won't vomit too much blood during that 4 days. Guan yin mah bo pi please! 

Hatyai has nothing much to do during the weekdays as night market only open during weekends. But it's okay, with the two imps around, I don't think I can shop much too. Main purpose is to go there and pray!!! 三十岁, 转个好运回来!!! 

Actually wanted to bring them to somewhere else, to a place I've not visited before, but going anywhere else is either not safe or too expensive!!! Due to school holiday and last minute booking. 

Must be more budget now cos I impulsively spent $7K++ away. Lol! Just cleared one c.c bill of about $3.5K today. *heartpain* 

And now, here comes my MOST hated part of every trip - packing luggage. Duh!

I guess, this will be the MOST essential thing to bring. Lol! 

I'm not pervert and neither did I abuse my kids. But this is the only thing that can make them behave. And they're damn smart! I buy 10, they destroy/hide 10! So I bought 4 at once when I saw it the other day. 

Alright, I need to sleep soon. Good night, all! :) 

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