Monday, June 16, 2014

Half a day to KSL City Mall!

Date: 15th June 2014, Sunday
Sunday morning, no idea what have gotten over me, that I agreed to bring the kids to JB, for fun. 

ZY has mentioned it a few times already, but I turned it down becos I think it will be mega jam, plus I don't really like to go out with him now. I'd rather bring the kids out alone, or to meet my friends, very tired but happier. 

No, a marriage won't work out if one party decided to live in his/her own world, and leave everything for the other party to do alone. 

And once the other party got used of life without his/her spouse, it means that he/she doesn't need his/her spouse in their life anymore. 

有就有, 没有也没关系! It doesn't make any differences. If you're smart enough, you will get what I mean.

A guy friend once told me, woman cannot be too independent, becos man will take it for granted. I think it's very true!

Both of them super happy lah!!! 

Jammed about 1 hour between SG custom and M'sia custom! Walao! 

In search for comfort food! 

Yum yum! About RM70+ for everything! 

Welcome to KSL! Took these photos while ZY smoke!

Oh my, super cute! Gotta 3 (for RM40) of it! For who, I'll reveal it later! Heehee 


Hahahahaha! Swee hor!!! Lol 

Aiyo, the shopping there is good leh! So many things to see and buy! But due to time and money constrain, we didn't managed to shop the whole mall! 

We had about RM800, and we left about RM100+? Not too sure! But in 2-3 hours, we spent RM600+ liao! Hahaha 

Got this jojo new shade at 50% off at their branded clearance sales, RM80+ after discount! It's a New York brand! I never heard of it before though...

Wash your brain before wash your car? Simi sai? Lolol 

Learnt the way to go KSL liao! Shall explore it with my friends again, one day! But I don't know the way back leh. LOL! Can I just assume that, I can follow the way I go there to make my way back to SG? Also, where can I purchase "Touch & Go" card in SG? Can I still pay by cash? Can any kind soul tell me? Thanks in advance! =D


  1. You can only purchase the touch and go card at the JB custom counter where you chop your passport and only certain counter sell it. Top up has to do it at jb counter too. Don't think you can buy it in SG. Hope it helps! :)

    1. Oh okok! Thank you so much for your reply! :)

  2. U bought the rompers at ksl?? They r so cute! I wanna get them too!

  3. The rompers also from ksl? They r so cute! I wanna get them too!

    1. Yes girl, at KSL beside one 油条 cafe!! Should be level 1.. Can't rem!!

  4. The first lane of the touch and go... For cars without touch and go card, you can buy the card and top up there too


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