Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ Day 1

Date: 22nd June 2014; Sunday

Oh, I just realised, I went on the same date in 2011!!! Haha, 2nd time celebrating my birthday there! =D

So yeah, read back my old posts on what's nice in Hatyai, becos I'm not gonna elaborate in details now, as the places we went are almost the same as the past. Except that there's a new shopping mall, the largest mall in Hatyai, but honestly, it's large and empty, nothing much leh.

P/S: I need to praise the two girls as they survived without milk for the 4 days 3 nights, without fussing. I already told them before hand that I'm not gonna bring. Raeann is okay cos she's grown up already but I cannot bring only Meimei one, she will say that I'm unfair. Both also don't bring, very fair!

And here I go...

Been supporting Germany (Muller) since the last WC, so yeah, Germany GO GO GO!!!

Birthday kisses from my darlings!!!

Have to strap her up becos she's sooooooo... TERRIBLE!!!



She didn't even know that the plane has departed. No feel at all.

But she fussed a little during the landing (at Hatyai), complaining ear pain, but I think she was sleepy, that's why cranky. I carried her in my arms, she fell asleep within 5 mins!!

Carry her until I buay tahan and thus, I placed her on top of my luggage (the belt is stationary) while waiting for my parents to get their passport chopped. I went to the police and asked if I can have priority becos she's very heavy. They deliberately open up a counter to do for me (and close it after that), so nice and friendly of them! This is call flexibility. Our own county has too many laws and humans become so inflexible... Like robots you know? 

I think this photo is damn funny!!

Free sim card from the airport!!!


Lunch before going hotel.

This is damn good cos you just need a little bit, and the bubble foam, WOW, I shocked sia. Bought it there at less than $10. I think I still have half a bottle back. I tried my best to finish it liao. Me and the kids soaked everyday and night, lolol.

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