Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mr NEVER Wrong!

Today is supposed to be a very fulfilling albeit tiring day. All of us were tired becos we made full use of our Sunday. Woke up early in the morning, brought the kids to JB, rushed back home and met up with Vic Vic to have a superb dinner.

BUT, the husband had to piss me off on our way to meet Vic at Clarke Quay. Okay, it's normal that he pisses me off, but I don't understand why, why every single time he refused to admit his mistake, insisted that he's right and then said I'm the mad woman instead.

And by the time he finally wanna apologise, IT'S ALWAYS TOO LATE, I will be fucking super dulan by then. 

He asked me how to go to Liang Court... I told him to go by AYE - CTE, exit Clemenceau then turn right. 


He insisted is turn left. So I said, "ok lor, you say what, then what lor" and I kept quiet. 

And then, he continued...

"Turn left lah, what turn right. Is turn left lah, if turn left, you lie on the floor let me lup (kick) you lah." 

(Never seen someone who loves to hit his wife so much! Seriously?)

Repeated like 3x (till my mum also fed up). I tolerated until sibei dulan so I shouted back...

"Turn left then turn left lah. I already kept quiet. What more do you want? You feel like kicking me so much issit?" 

And then, oh, it become my fault AGAIN. 

"You kpkb for what! I joke only cannot meh?" Then turned to Raeann and said, "nowadays your mummy siao, abit also cannot!" 

Fucking NNB CCB! 

Then nvm, he continued, "eh, Merchant is Boat Quay issit?" 

I kept quiet. 

And he shouted, "talk to you don't know how to reply issit? You so smart, you go yourself lah". 

KNN. I talk he wanna lup me, don't talk also wrong. What the fuck he want?!

Treat him eat still tio all these shits, really is cb, fucking spoil people's mood. 

Till now, he did not apologise, and obviously, I was right about the direction. 

I mean, if you're wrong, just say sorry lah, sorry will kill you issit? You don't insist you're right when you're obviously wrong, and then blame it on others. And you don't always threaten to hit your own wife. 

He's always lidat! MR NEVER WRONG.

I asked him not to talk to me ever again, I really really hate talking to him.  


  1. I totally get how you feel. My boyfriend is NEVER WRONG as well. It pisses the hell out of me. Hate guys who are like that.

    1. Yah lah. Their ego damn high lor! Wrong is wrong what, just say sorry, so difficult meh???


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