Saturday, June 7, 2014

PS + Nook

Every single time I bring the kids out alone, I'll reach home super drained out. Meimei's very very mischievous, plus the heavy bag, omg.

It's the school holiday now, I'm trying to squeeze in as much funs for them as possible. Raeann's attending full day student care during the weekdays now, as nobody looks after her at home, I just wanna reward her for being good. Don't make my life difficult, I'll do many things for them willingly.

My intention today was to bring them to have Let's Sweet dessert buffet at PS, but 千选万选, I chosen the wrong branch, closed down liao! :( 

We had this for our late lunch instead. Not bad at all!


After lunch, brought them to the arcade as per Raeann's request. Seriously, I've no idea what kind of dressing is she following leh. Why lidat!!!

Oh, before that, both of them said they wanna poo. 天啊! I've to run between two cubicles to clean their backside. 

Walked around PS for awhile and it totally drained all my energy away... Plus my new flats made my feet so painful, I had to buy a new one and change on the spot!

Spent $50 to redeem this coupon to play all the old school games. These are what we played last time and kids nowadays, don't know about them at all. So I just let them try lor. 

Chased them around until very tired so I paid $15 to let them sit down and do this...

Nook-D.I.Y House of Pancakes

We were very full, but I just brought them there for some fun. Raeann loves art, but I'm very bad in art. I don't know how to draw at all. Which is why I left NAFA after a few months, cos they required us to draw and draw and draw. And their homework loads... Scary one!!! 

Lol, my name and her name!!! 像 meh???

Do not try their banana flavour, not nice one!! I still prefer their original!!! 

You know, I'm thinking, if I didn't work and have my own income (unless husband's super rich & loving), it's really impossible to have leisure lor. Just on food and some little misc stuffs, I spent more than $200 within 5 hours. And that is excluding transport! 

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