Friday, June 13, 2014

Singapore Botanic Gardens

I know I'm very sua gu (mountain tortoise), it's my first time visiting one of our hot spot; Botanic Gardens today. (Okay, even Raeann went before already, lol!)

On leave today cos no one look after the kids. So PY suggested to meet & bring the kids there...

Haiz... Even Meimei also started to choose her own outfit now. All grown up liao! 

OMG, I didn't know that Botanic Gardens is soooooo huge. I parked at visitor centre and PY walked all the way from the Mrt station to find me. 

We actually wanted to go "Food for Thought" for brunch but that place is like another end of it. It's either we walk or drive there. The sun was sooooooo freaking hot and all of us might die if we walk there! 大包小包 with 3 kids and a stroller.  

But later, we decided to go Jacob Ballas Children's Garden instead, since the purpose for visiting there is mainly for the kids only. We drove there, of cos! 

There's only a mini kids cafe there, nothing much we can order. But the kids were hungry, so we just ordered some wings, nuggets and fries for them. In fact, all of us were hungry! But we just don't know what to eat. Partly due to the freaking hot sun too, that made me lose my appetite.

Despite wearing something really light and cooling, I sweated a bucket lor!!!

Wearing the current oh-so-popular rainbow band that Raeann made for me...

Raeann changed into shorts cos she wanna play with water. 

End up, only Meimei played at the water park, the two of them went to the sand playground instead. 

I think the lighting there is not bad at all!!! Hahaha

Wanted to bring them walk around after playing but Meimei got herself covered with sand from head to toes. Had to wash her up and etc, then all the mood... gone! So we decided to go home, lol! 

Sent PY home and decided to stay awhile for my favourite ice cream waffles! And we thought, weekday afternoon, sure got place to sit one lah. Hell no, it's full house inside!!! 

PY said becos even aunties also go there to enjoy ice cream waffles (we saw two, haha). So I told her, "next time when we old liao, I'll call you and ask ai jiak ice cream mai (want to eat ice cream not)?" And she will reply "ok, gia (let's go)!" Then we will be like the two aunties, hahahahaha! 

We sat outside to "enjoy" the hot sun, but luckily, there's still abit of wind. Not as humid as Botanic Gardens! Why huh? 

爽到... I love their sea salt gula melaka, earl grey lavander and now, their new flavour; orange cranberry vodka!!! 

Well, I'm not really an ice cream person but I really love the ice cream there!!! Best one! 

On the way home, they complained hungry. But Meimei KO for awhile inside the car. The only way to have a peaceful ride is to split them away, one in front, one behind. 

When you have to handle your kids alone, you will think and try ALL SORTS of methods to let your ears have some peace. 

Bought Mac for them, bathed them, only one word now - EXHAUSTED!!!

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