Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Too many things, too little time!

Paiseh paiseh, I've once again neglected this humble blog of mine. But this time round, I was really quite busy with work and meeting up with friends, so I don't have time to blog lah. Last time no life you see, always at home after work so I've all the time to blog and blog and blog, lol.

Just in case you miss my face, lol.

Oh yes, I've just added some colors to my hair... CHIO NOT? I LOVE IT MAN, especially the purple!!!

Rewind back to last Friday!!!

Wine Bos for dinner with Cheryl & her friends first... Then, to the usual hangout!

He asked me not to post, I don't know why, so I hope he don't read this, lolol. But if he does, Happy Belated Birthday, Stomper Zen. HA HA HA


ZY's friends brought us to Havelock Road for mookata - Siam Square Mookata. The cheapest mookata I've ever ate before. Per plate cost only $1.80!!! Seriously?! And their chilli is soooooooo gooooddddd!!! You really need to try!!! 

Address : 22A Havelock Road, #01-14, Singapore 161022
Tel : 82470444


Changed my nails design!!! =D

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 42
#01-32 Singapore 640492
☏ : 9227 7000 (Esther)


Lunch with Cheryl (my twin, as said by many) at Eggs & Berries @ Westgate! Cheryl's treat! Then met my friends for dinner at night... It's the school holiday now, I don't need to rush back to teach homwork!!! YAY!!!


By the way, I think I won't be in SG for my birthday this year, which is gonna happens in another 19 days. WALAO EH, why so fast!!! But I think my BIG 3 is gonna be awesome leh, I've received 2 presents already!!!

From a long time friend!

From my little bro! Hahahaha


  1. I love your new hair colors. What did u tell the hairstylist to do to them? I prolly want to copy urs. *blush* but after my confinement or so.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you. I told them I want pink and purple highlight. But the purple need to bleach... =D

    2. Ohh. Will bleach makes our hair worst? ;( and ur hair is naturally highlighted before the pink and purple highlight?

    3. Do treatment after dye then won't be so bad. It really depends on one's hair condition though. Some people hair the colors not easy to go up, then need to bleach more. I dyed my hair way too much liao, that's why easier. And yes, I did highlight bleach before.


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