Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just for the kids...

I ℓσνє mixing with friends whom kids can get along very well with mine, be it men or women, old or young, thin or fat, short or tall. Уєѕ, becos the main purpose is for the kids. So, before anyone assume anything, just get this fact right.

To me, there's nothing wrong for married mom to have guy friends, and moreover, I knew all my guy friends way before I knew ZY. Like more than a decade ago? Some just lost contact along the way, but when we contacted back, we have endless things to yak about, like how we do in the past. I'm not stupid. I don't anyhow mix with people.

Then again, how people look at me is none of my business. And I really cannot be bothered. Me and my kids matter the most, so long I'm happy, my kids are happy, I honestly think I do not fit into any "fucked up mom" descriptions.

Becos I spent most of my time with them. Becos I'm the one doing almost everything for them. Yes, I do scold or cane them, but they still want and look for me eventually. So, how fucked up can I be? Tell me about it.

The kids know it best, whether if you're genuinely nice to them or not. If I'm a "fucked up mom", I don't think my kids will stick to me like leeches you know? ℓσℓ

Lately, I've been bringing the girls out to meet another two pretty girls of my friend. Amazingly, they just get along very well, from the first met-up and has been asking for each other since.

How to reject when the kids always have so much fun, laughing, playing & talking to each other? I ℓσνє their laughters, it just melt heart. And people thought it's easy handling so many kids. TRY IT first before you judge! Hahaha

A funny scenerio happened here... Enqi was showing me "Aunty, you see Rapunzel!!" Then Meimei went "日本餐啊?" HAHAHAHA 

She always come up with such creative words. That time I was viewing Robin Van Persie's FB page (a soccer player) and I was mumbling to myself "oh, Van Persie!!" Then she went "huh? Pamper 湿啊??" All the words rhythm leh!!! Lolol 

I heart this photo so much!!! 

Lunch, indoor playground, choo choo train ride, yogurt, Toy'r'us but the kids didn't had enough. Raeann and Enqi was discussing to go each other's house, themselves. OMG, kids nowadays!!! Lolol

This Raeann can make appointment herself with her school mate lor, and she will INFORM me about. Take note it's inform and not ask for permission. TSK!

(Anyway, I sent her there and fetched her home!) 

Well, I'm not angry, I find it very funny instead cos she's just P1. But I did tell her that she has to ask me first before confirming with her friend again. Everyone has different ways of parenting lah, and I decided to be friends with them instead. They got closer to me this way! =D 

Them with their super advanced birthday present, chosen by themselves. Raeann just can't be more girly. Gosh! WHY WHY WHY! LOL

It's fated who will enter your life at different stages, but it's up to you to decide who to keep. Obviously, I'll choose to keep people who knows how to cherish and love me, right? Who will keep idiots by your side? This applies to any relationships, friendships included. 

And to those who kept me (and I kept), here's a song for you!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Little Diner @ 789 Bukit Timah

If you ask me, I'd say everything is sooooooooo yummy there, I cannot decide what's my favorite. It's kinda different from those I ate elsewhere. The place itself is cozy enough to make people return for more! Jialat, I'm craving for it now!!! #missingit #不try可惜

Address: 789 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269763
Tel: 6466 4088

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The ultimate food post!

Well, if you're on my IG/FB, you should know that I've been posting alot of food pictures lately. Becos I've been going everywhere for good food. Just eat lor, eating = happiness what! Thus, if you have any good food to intro, please share with me k? Cos I'm gonna share them with you too! Sharing is caring! =D 

Thick and creamy durian, it's damn good but slightly expensive.

Durian Culture
23 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545727 
Tel: 6285 9371

Love their cakes!

Flor Patisserie 
2 Duxton Hill #01-01, Singapore 089588
Tel: 6223 8628

Not very nice though, quite dry!

Lynn's Cake & Coffee
11 Eng Kong Terrace, Singapore 598983 
Tel: 6314 2886

Cheese crab!!!

Palm Beach Seafood
1 Fullerton Road, One Fullerton #01-09, Singapore 049213
Tel: 6336 8118

This is sooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!! Favorite Butter Crab!

Seafood Paradise
91 Defu Lane 10, Swee Hin Building, Singapore 539221 
Tel: 6487 2429

At least 30 mins queue but it's worth it! =D

Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee
Blk 151, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Coffee Shop

Stay tuned for the next post cos I'm gonna intro you guys one very yummy restaurant!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


O'rite, I've just collected my new NRIC yesterday. And I thought, I can finally get rid of my old ugly IC photo, the new one didn't turn out very nice either. It's crap!!!

So, I was quite upset lah. Like walao, if wanna re-make, have to pay so much, and it's just a photo!!! My photo is okay leh. It's just how they scanned in, zoomed & cropped my face like a pancake. And I looked like I've got buck teeth, walao eh!!! And oh, my eyebrows look like worms, wahhahahahahaha!

And then, someone gave me this idea to paste a sticker over it, so I won't feel so pekchek. LOLOL

Sorry, am not gonna show my chinese name becos I really hate it. Becos of this name, I missed out alot in my life. People made fun of my name my whole life can! That's probably why I became so paiseh about it! And my mum still can tell me it's nice! DUH

That's why I INSISTED to choose my own kids' names, and not leave it to those old folks. Though they may be more expert in finding good names but to me, 难听 names will ruin one's life too. 我是过来人! HAHA

Well, actually I wanted to post a selfie with this caption "In case you miss my face". But then I just realised, I've not been taking any selfie lately. HAHAHAH WHY AH?!

Anyway, if you've been observant enough (as a friend), yes, I'm facing some problems now. Not gonna elaborate much but I'm just fucking sick of people telling me how should I lead my life when I'm not even happy. To the extend, I've decided to act on my own and not tell anyone anymore. 

I just simply can't understand why are people going against me when they obviously knew it's not entirely my fault? WHY? Becos they are not the ones suffering mah? So they can't feel how I felt? I'm not saying that I did nothing wrong, it always take two hands to clap in anything. But there must be a reason why people snapped. 

If you can't treat me right and well, then FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE. Why should I let you run my life?! Don't even try, becos I'll turn out even more rebellious. Get this fact right - I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Ok for now, be back with more interesting stuffs soon k? See ya! =D

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ (Last) Day 4

Date: 25th June 2014; Wednesday

Deliberately woke up damn early to chiong the last round of shopping before going back to SG. I can tell you, I DIDN'T SHOP ENOUGH, becos it's really hard to shop with kids. Even though my luggage already exploded, and I had to get another bag there, but I didn't get much things for myself. And I didn't had any chance to shop for my (ZY) nieces and nephews too.

So, after breakfast, my parents offered to look after the kids and let me go shopping alone. Most shops are not opened yet, but I still managed to get something for the nieces & nephews lah, and two tops for myself? First time in my life, I felt so good to be alone. #truth

After that, my dad brought us to have bird nest. Bird nest there are cheap, and everywhere...

After that, my parents brought the kids up to the hotel and I went to shop alone again, cos I saw more shops opened liao!!! Wahhahahahahaha

I didn't put makeup there for the last 2 days. Lazy & tired!

Thankful for the help everyone gave, with the kids! =)

#Iamnohellokittylover but I bought these for the kids lah.

#peaceful flight home! #homesweethome

Monday, July 14, 2014

Germany is MY Champion!!!

Disclaimer: I'm not a soccer pro, I know nuts about soccer, I only play/watch the WCs and I only sarpork Germany!!! 

So sorry to neglect this blog again. I've been toooooooo engrossed in the WC! Partly becos my favourite Germany managed to get into final and wins the championship!!! YAY!!!

If you've been following my blog, you'd know that I've been a fans of Germany since years ago. And not becos they win champion, then I become their fans, no. I don't follow the crowds please! Since the beginning of this WC, I told everyone I sarpork Germany, only them. I only watched 3 matches, and all 3 are becos of Germany.

And I told everyone the same thing yesterday... Even if they don't win the champion, I'll still sarpork and love them!!!


I love their skills, team spirits, sportmanship, men and jerseys! Hahaha! The more people put them down, the more I sarpork them. Can't agree more that they have a TEAM of all the good players, not just one or two.

Well, there are so many anti-German fans out there and I learnt alot from them, from this WC. (I'm not talking about jokes between friends!)

People who really sarpork Germany (like me), only cares about Germany. We don't bother about other teams, let alone criticizing other teams nor their fans. They are really none of our business, at all! But over this WC, I see so many people criticizing the Germans, as long as they win, they will have something to say. Like seriously? LOL

Thank god I was being educated this... "if you've nothing nice to say, just shut up".

(Sorry, but I've low tolerance over idiots and rubbish! And I admit, I'm VERY BIAS now, becos of all these idiots. The more people talk bad about Germany, the more defensive I'll get! Haha)

You support your own team, you mind your own business, you want them to win, post encouraging messages, all these are nothing wrong. You post sad & disappointed messages are also nothing wrong. But when you attack opponents or their fans, for no apparent reason, then it only shows how sour grapes you are! Get what I mean?

Even if Germany didn't win last night, I won't go around scolding or criticizing Argentina nor their fans. But whatever! I'm too happy to bother about anything now.

THANK YOU GERMANY, THANK YOU WORLD CUP 2014, for helping me to win about $1.2K in total. Hohohoho!

I don't bet alot, my maximum bet is $100 (only on Germany matches) and the rest $50. But $50, $50, $50, I managed to win $1.2K! =D

Ozil (No. 8) looks better this WC in this haircut! Poor Schweinsteiger (No. 7) but he's indeed the man, injured yet went back to play, this is then called sportmanship lor! =P

And my two favorite men of Germany - Thomas Muller (No. 13) and Mario Gotze (No. 19). My mama said No. 19 is handsomeeeeee ahhhhh~ LOL! Not bad I must say, but they are all very young only!!!


Time to get new jersey with 4 stars! YAY!!!

Okay, it finally marks the end of WC fever. And it's time to replenish back my beauty sleep!!! Have been losing so much sleep due to this WC sia, until pimples popping everywhere!!! OMG!