Monday, July 14, 2014

Germany is MY Champion!!!

Disclaimer: I'm not a soccer pro, I know nuts about soccer, I only play/watch the WCs and I only sarpork Germany!!! 

So sorry to neglect this blog again. I've been toooooooo engrossed in the WC! Partly becos my favourite Germany managed to get into final and wins the championship!!! YAY!!!

If you've been following my blog, you'd know that I've been a fans of Germany since years ago. And not becos they win champion, then I become their fans, no. I don't follow the crowds please! Since the beginning of this WC, I told everyone I sarpork Germany, only them. I only watched 3 matches, and all 3 are becos of Germany.

And I told everyone the same thing yesterday... Even if they don't win the champion, I'll still sarpork and love them!!!


I love their skills, team spirits, sportmanship, men and jerseys! Hahaha! The more people put them down, the more I sarpork them. Can't agree more that they have a TEAM of all the good players, not just one or two.

Well, there are so many anti-German fans out there and I learnt alot from them, from this WC. (I'm not talking about jokes between friends!)

People who really sarpork Germany (like me), only cares about Germany. We don't bother about other teams, let alone criticizing other teams nor their fans. They are really none of our business, at all! But over this WC, I see so many people criticizing the Germans, as long as they win, they will have something to say. Like seriously? LOL

Thank god I was being educated this... "if you've nothing nice to say, just shut up".

(Sorry, but I've low tolerance over idiots and rubbish! And I admit, I'm VERY BIAS now, becos of all these idiots. The more people talk bad about Germany, the more defensive I'll get! Haha)

You support your own team, you mind your own business, you want them to win, post encouraging messages, all these are nothing wrong. You post sad & disappointed messages are also nothing wrong. But when you attack opponents or their fans, for no apparent reason, then it only shows how sour grapes you are! Get what I mean?

Even if Germany didn't win last night, I won't go around scolding or criticizing Argentina nor their fans. But whatever! I'm too happy to bother about anything now.

THANK YOU GERMANY, THANK YOU WORLD CUP 2014, for helping me to win about $1.2K in total. Hohohoho!

I don't bet alot, my maximum bet is $100 (only on Germany matches) and the rest $50. But $50, $50, $50, I managed to win $1.2K! =D

Ozil (No. 8) looks better this WC in this haircut! Poor Schweinsteiger (No. 7) but he's indeed the man, injured yet went back to play, this is then called sportmanship lor! =P

And my two favorite men of Germany - Thomas Muller (No. 13) and Mario Gotze (No. 19). My mama said No. 19 is handsomeeeeee ahhhhh~ LOL! Not bad I must say, but they are all very young only!!!


Time to get new jersey with 4 stars! YAY!!!

Okay, it finally marks the end of WC fever. And it's time to replenish back my beauty sleep!!! Have been losing so much sleep due to this WC sia, until pimples popping everywhere!!! OMG! 

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