Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ Day 2

Date: 23rd June 2014; Monday

Good morning @ Hatyai!

Hotel breakfast!

One look at it and you know that it sucks! I skipped breakfast the next day cos too sucks liao! Krabi one was soooo good! 

Bro, Jer and her parents came from Genting to join us in the morning!

In a tut tut! I love sitting tut tut leh! Like a fun only! 

With my dearest mum! Thank you for the past 30 years! :) 

Very busy "helper"! 越帮越忙

You see, her butt really got a lot of needles!!!

Well, this is the new mall I've mentioned about; CentralFestival.

All Sanrio products at 50% off, it's already cheaper there (than SG).

I hand carried this home (despite my 50kg luggages) cos it's only about S$17! 

Did I hear people screaming already?! Awww

It's really huge and empty, photo shows it all, lol. A lot of shops not opened yet though. New one mah! 

Birthday feast from mummy at this orbiang restaurant! It's like a high class restaurant there?

Daring little girl!

Sugar Beat! Becos it's Monday, it's quite empty! Haha

The singers... not very good looking though. 

The roadside stalls below my hotel!

We had a bowl of bird nest before going up, in our drunk mode. How did we managed to do that ah? Lol 

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