Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ Day 3

Date: 24th June 2014; Tuesday

Truckloads of Rila stuffs there at unbelievable price! I love buying water bottles there cos one cost like S$2-S$3 only. SG are selling like 3-4x the amount for the same item. But water bottles take up a lot of space lah so I only bought a few this time round. And the little La La I bought cost around S$8? Cheappppppppp!

Well, I skipped breakfast to soak in bubble bath. My parents brought the two kiddos down. Then after that, they went to "market", so I brought the two kids out for shopping alone. 

OMG, wrong choice! Meimei was so terrible. She simply couldn't care less, don't give a fuck, treat everywhere like her home, walk around and touch everything, till the whole clothes rack fell on her. My god!


Anyway, 8/10 stuffs I bought are for them, nothing for myself. Sigh

She said this is her "boyfriend"!! DUHZ

Lunch here before going up the mountain to pray!

Quite a long drive and here we are! Woohoo

拜拜、敲钟、冲花水、放炮! HUAT AHHHH!!!

After this, went back to hotel to bathe (very sticky sia) and rest then out for a light porridge dinner cos we already planned to eat the wanton mee downstairs for supper!!!! POWER ONE!!! Yum yum!!!

This stall! =D

The noodle is very q, taste like maggie mee but it's not maggie mee. LOL

I had the soup one, with plenty of chilli flakes, YUMMY!!!

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