Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hatyai June 2014 ~ (Last) Day 4

Date: 25th June 2014; Wednesday

Deliberately woke up damn early to chiong the last round of shopping before going back to SG. I can tell you, I DIDN'T SHOP ENOUGH, becos it's really hard to shop with kids. Even though my luggage already exploded, and I had to get another bag there, but I didn't get much things for myself. And I didn't had any chance to shop for my (ZY) nieces and nephews too.

So, after breakfast, my parents offered to look after the kids and let me go shopping alone. Most shops are not opened yet, but I still managed to get something for the nieces & nephews lah, and two tops for myself? First time in my life, I felt so good to be alone. #truth

After that, my dad brought us to have bird nest. Bird nest there are cheap, and everywhere...

After that, my parents brought the kids up to the hotel and I went to shop alone again, cos I saw more shops opened liao!!! Wahhahahahahaha

I didn't put makeup there for the last 2 days. Lazy & tired!

Thankful for the help everyone gave, with the kids! =)

#Iamnohellokittylover but I bought these for the kids lah.

#peaceful flight home! #homesweethome

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