Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just for the kids...

I ℓσνє mixing with friends whom kids can get along very well with mine, be it men or women, old or young, thin or fat, short or tall. Уєѕ, becos the main purpose is for the kids. So, before anyone assume anything, just get this fact right.

To me, there's nothing wrong for married mom to have guy friends, and moreover, I knew all my guy friends way before I knew ZY. Like more than a decade ago? Some just lost contact along the way, but when we contacted back, we have endless things to yak about, like how we do in the past. I'm not stupid. I don't anyhow mix with people.

Then again, how people look at me is none of my business. And I really cannot be bothered. Me and my kids matter the most, so long I'm happy, my kids are happy, I honestly think I do not fit into any "fucked up mom" descriptions.

Becos I spent most of my time with them. Becos I'm the one doing almost everything for them. Yes, I do scold or cane them, but they still want and look for me eventually. So, how fucked up can I be? Tell me about it.

The kids know it best, whether if you're genuinely nice to them or not. If I'm a "fucked up mom", I don't think my kids will stick to me like leeches you know? ℓσℓ

Lately, I've been bringing the girls out to meet another two pretty girls of my friend. Amazingly, they just get along very well, from the first met-up and has been asking for each other since.

How to reject when the kids always have so much fun, laughing, playing & talking to each other? I ℓσνє their laughters, it just melt heart. And people thought it's easy handling so many kids. TRY IT first before you judge! Hahaha

A funny scenerio happened here... Enqi was showing me "Aunty, you see Rapunzel!!" Then Meimei went "日本餐啊?" HAHAHAHA 

She always come up with such creative words. That time I was viewing Robin Van Persie's FB page (a soccer player) and I was mumbling to myself "oh, Van Persie!!" Then she went "huh? Pamper 湿啊??" All the words rhythm leh!!! Lolol 

I heart this photo so much!!! 

Lunch, indoor playground, choo choo train ride, yogurt, Toy'r'us but the kids didn't had enough. Raeann and Enqi was discussing to go each other's house, themselves. OMG, kids nowadays!!! Lolol

This Raeann can make appointment herself with her school mate lor, and she will INFORM me about. Take note it's inform and not ask for permission. TSK!

(Anyway, I sent her there and fetched her home!) 

Well, I'm not angry, I find it very funny instead cos she's just P1. But I did tell her that she has to ask me first before confirming with her friend again. Everyone has different ways of parenting lah, and I decided to be friends with them instead. They got closer to me this way! =D 

Them with their super advanced birthday present, chosen by themselves. Raeann just can't be more girly. Gosh! WHY WHY WHY! LOL

It's fated who will enter your life at different stages, but it's up to you to decide who to keep. Obviously, I'll choose to keep people who knows how to cherish and love me, right? Who will keep idiots by your side? This applies to any relationships, friendships included. 

And to those who kept me (and I kept), here's a song for you!


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