Tuesday, July 22, 2014


O'rite, I've just collected my new NRIC yesterday. And I thought, I can finally get rid of my old ugly IC photo, the new one didn't turn out very nice either. It's crap!!!

So, I was quite upset lah. Like walao, if wanna re-make, have to pay so much, and it's just a photo!!! My photo is okay leh. It's just how they scanned in, zoomed & cropped my face like a pancake. And I looked like I've got buck teeth, walao eh!!! And oh, my eyebrows look like worms, wahhahahahahaha!

And then, someone gave me this idea to paste a sticker over it, so I won't feel so pekchek. LOLOL

Sorry, am not gonna show my chinese name becos I really hate it. Becos of this name, I missed out alot in my life. People made fun of my name my whole life can! That's probably why I became so paiseh about it! And my mum still can tell me it's nice! DUH

That's why I INSISTED to choose my own kids' names, and not leave it to those old folks. Though they may be more expert in finding good names but to me, 难听 names will ruin one's life too. 我是过来人! HAHA

Well, actually I wanted to post a selfie with this caption "In case you miss my face". But then I just realised, I've not been taking any selfie lately. HAHAHAH WHY AH?!

Anyway, if you've been observant enough (as a friend), yes, I'm facing some problems now. Not gonna elaborate much but I'm just fucking sick of people telling me how should I lead my life when I'm not even happy. To the extend, I've decided to act on my own and not tell anyone anymore. 

I just simply can't understand why are people going against me when they obviously knew it's not entirely my fault? WHY? Becos they are not the ones suffering mah? So they can't feel how I felt? I'm not saying that I did nothing wrong, it always take two hands to clap in anything. But there must be a reason why people snapped. 

If you can't treat me right and well, then FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE. Why should I let you run my life?! Don't even try, becos I'll turn out even more rebellious. Get this fact right - I DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING.

Ok for now, be back with more interesting stuffs soon k? See ya! =D


  1. I also just redid my IC!!!!! Because I add name inside. Aiya!! You can take your own photo and PS it~~ I did that. You can also go change name at $80 only! Just sign~

    1. $80 only? OMG. I don't know how to photoshop. =(

      Looks like I'm gonna put a sticker over it for the rest of my life. LOL


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