Monday, August 11, 2014

I love IKEA!

Met up with Jane yesterday noon becos she has something for my kids! So I waited for the kids to be home before I made my way out to meet her, together! =D 

I love IKEA! Used to go often when I was young. The food there is good and cheap! And there's a free indoor playground (1 hour). The only downside is, the parking there is sooooo expensive! Can't have the best of both world lah!

Looks good but not nice!

Their famous meatballs! But we can't eat cos there's beef.

This is sooooooooooooooo yummy!!! $3.50/slice.

Their chicken wings are good too! 6 pcs for $7.50!

I was quite shocked at their D.I.Y cashless system sia. Somemore, no plastic bags! Walao. I carried so many things + 2 kids + 1 stroller. Thank god Jane was around!!!

She helped me with Meimei when I went to queue up for my $1 favourite hotdog bun! Heehee

Their curry puff is good too! 5 pcs for $4! Cheap lah!

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