Friday, August 1, 2014

Invisalign Journey

After a two months long wait, my whole 22 sets of Invisalign has finally reached SG. So, I'll go twice a month to change, for the next 11 months. Frankly speaking, I think it's too fast, lolol. I told the ortho that he can drag longer, it's okay, becos Invisalign is not ugly at all. HA HA HA 

Cheerios to the person inventing it, but can it be cheaper? Also, it's not exactly comfortable either lah. BUT STILL, 87379020 times better than braces. 

At least...
2nd day of Invisalign! =D

I can still look pretty!!! YAY! LOL

But then now, I've this huge and irritating pimple scar on my cheek. How now brown cow? Anyone got recommendation for good and affordable chemical peel?! Let me know, thanks!

Onto my 5th (out of 6) bottles of this today. It taste good but I don't think result will show this fast lah, even though it's a 6 days course. I've bought another box though, heehee! Oh, beautiful skin, please come back to me!!!

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