Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Too Cool For School - Play Cheek Angel Blusher

Was introduced to this brand by Sylvia when I went to Seoul last March. Am not sure if I'm overage to use it though becos the brand sounds more for teens leh. But it's ok de lah, as long as it suits your skin, you can still use it ah! Their packaging is sooooo cuteeee and coooooool!

It's a brand from Korea, you can check it out here. They have already entered our Singapore market too.

No idea how is it priced here though, not too far fetched from Korea, I guessed? However, if I'm not wrong, this brand isn't considered cheap in Korea lor. 

Something you might be interested in... This Play Cheek Angel Blusher!!! Wooohooo I think it's very good leh. Visible but not too heavy like monkey backside, with a little radiant shine. Plus, it's really cute and small, very very portable especially for travelling! 

You know, I've got PLENTY of blushers but I seldom talk about them unless I really really like it. Besides the Jill Staurt one (which is quite expensive), this is the 2nd one I will introduce to people. It's very affordable, like less than $20? 

You may get it online too! Hope you ladies will like it! =)

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