Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trunk at bay @ The Punggol Settlement

It's true!


Just me me me me! =D

Food and more food were expected when I'm out with her, so I wore something really flare so that I can eat moreeeee... OMG! It was really a whole day of eating, shopping & chilling, life can't be more awesome than that. LOL

Sometimes, I only ask for days like that. One full day of relax-ment, without any disturbance calls, asking me to go home asap cos the kids are looking for me, pack food lah, this and that and etc. I only need some peace from my noisy & busy routine. Also cannot meh? If I'm expected to understand you, make sure you do your job first. #justsaying #randomrants

Skip those lunch, desserts and snacks we had, she brought me to this place located at The Punggol Settlement for dinner. I didn't even know this place existed, but it's a really nice place with scenic seaside views! 

Otar is good!

We had 2 servings of this pomelo thai salad.

Tom yum; so-so only! 

Kang kong; can be better!

Grilled squid; not bad!

Pandan chicken; alright! 

Red ruby with less ice more coconut milk, as per requested by Cheryl. 
(But I don't really like it na!)

This girl hor, walao, she really can eattttt! While eating our dinner, she suddenly craved for 豆花 & she asked if I still got space for it not. OMFG. I told her I'll 打包 home and eat it the next day morning. Soooo scary. But end up, we went for wine instead lah. Really cannot eat like her leh, 会肥死!!! Where did all the food she ate goes to huh??? 

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