Monday, August 25, 2014

Wonderland of Tea Party


Date: 23rd August 2014, Saturday
Venue: Bene Spaghetti

A lovely afternoon with Tealy & Blackbox, thank you for the invite! :) 

Miyo was there the earliest, so we chit chatted and took photos before everyone else arrived. (I'm getting... rounder!! Gosh!) Nice to meet you again, cutie Miyo! I think she's the most hardworking blogger around lor. I feel so guilty cos I'm so lazy lately. Oops!

So this event is all about... TEA! Organic teas! We get to taste 3 different types of tea to go with 3 different types of Japanese desserts. We also get to learn how to make tea in a correct way. 

If you know me well, you should know that I LOVE TEA. I drink all types of tea (as long as it's unsweetened) & I drink a lot of tea everyday. Which is actually not very good for a woman's body (太寒). Cos it will results in white discharge (白带) & etc. Last month, my menstruation came twice, my mum said it's due to drinking too much tea. Le sigh! 

And thus, this Shimodozono Ginger Tea (S$24) is very suitable for me, and all other ladies who love tea like me. Ginger is very good for female, becos our body is naturally "cold", ginger will helps keeping it "warm", hahah! (Pardon my lousy explanation lah, lol!) That's the reason why during confinement, you need to eat ginger, plenty of ginger. This brand, Shimodozono is from Japan, and is very popular among the Japanese.

If you think "yucks, I don't like the taste of ginger", don't worry, the ginger taste is actually quite light. Very light in fact! 

Mixed Herb & Roasted Tea (S$9) served with pancakes! The pancake is yummy leh! 

Rose Oolong Tea (S$9) served with Japanese sesame panna cotta!

Teaching us the proper way to make tea! =)

For all organic lovers!

Thank you Bene Spaghetti for hosting us! Their chef quite handsome, do go & sarpork sarpork ok! LOL (It's along Boat Quay!) And yes, nice meeting all of them!

And, if you're interested to buy, here's an unique 30% discount code for you guys! 

(Valid till 30th September 2014)

It's really worth it after 30% discount leh.

Alright, that's all for now! Thanks for reading!!! =D

P/S: I've just renewed one year contract with Splash Media. Thank you for having me!!!


  1. Nice!! You then hard working !!! You so fast blog le~

    1. U also blogged liao!! And your photos all so nice one.

  2. Hi babe, what watch you wearing? You're so pretty even you're 2 babies mummy. So envy.


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