Thursday, September 11, 2014

7 facts about me!

Very very nice, I listened about 400 times over the past few days, lol.

Now, I wanna talk about something else. Just some random stuffs lah... In case you wish to know me better? LOLOL

1) Yes, exactly! Action speaks louder than words! You can tell me 78380378492 times you love me alot (just an example), but if your actions doesn't prove it, I will not believe you! And sooner or later, I'll get very sick of all your talks and you. I'm not one who is into "sweet talks" by the way. 

2) I super hate empty promises. Don't promise me something when you don't intend to fulfill. I can wait, no problem. But just make sure you remember your words and do it. Becos the longer I wait, the more sian I will get. And once I no longer pin anymore hope, it means I've given up.

3) Treat me nice/good and I'll do it back double. But if you don't, I'll just ignore you and get you out of my life. And once you're out, you are out!

4) Instantly turned off by stingy (and buay zhi dong) people. You get what I mean here? And don't ever be calculative to me, becos I really hate it. I'm very generous to people who are generous to me. 

5) I'll never ever forget people who helped me before. And I'll definitely return it, when you need help, without any hesitation. 

6) Trust; the most basic in all forms of relationship. If you ask me, I'll tell you the truth. If you don't believe what I say, then don't ask! It's this simple! Never ever accuse me. And if you ever share your secrets with me, don't worry, it will be safe with me. 

7) I will protect all my loved ones (friends and family) at all cost. I'll get super protective & defensive when people bullied those I cared for. Please don't ever betray this love I have for you. Thank you.

Basically, these are how I choose my friends/partner. Maybe that's why I don't have much close friends, becos I filtered out alot. No point mixing with people I dislike right? Then gossip about him/her, for what? Might as well don't mix lor, waste time only! 


  1. Hi pretty mummy, wah we are almost like hahaha but the 1st fact maybe not to me used to believe but not anymore cos Action speaks louder than words can even be lie just because of the motive. My motto now is Trust no one. A lesson learnt so hard will forever stay. Sorry for ranting.


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