Saturday, September 6, 2014


Omg, had a shock of my life earlier. Mommy jio-ed me out for breakfast this morning, to Mc'donald. (Should be the first time in my life leh!) And becos Meimei isn't feeling well, I allowed her to bring her iPad along. And then, WE LEFT THE IPAD THERE.

It was till we reached home after 30 mins then I suddenly remember her iPad. I rushed back there immediately & thank god, lost and found! 

On the way there I've already called ZY, asked him how much issit and prepared to compensate one becos that's bought by him. Kena scolded again lor, but okay, it's my fault, I was careless. 

How lucky I am cos it was soooo crowded! I'm really grateful to all the honest and helpful staffs at Mc'donald Jurong West Park. Thank you so much! :)

Woke up with body aches today cos I brought these two rascals to the pool at 4pm yesterday. I was on leave cos I went down to HDB hub to settle my flat stuffs in the morning. Then I spent the whole day with both of them. Kidz amaze first, then pool, then brought them to TPY for dinner. 

Raeann went for a day staycation at PY's house cos they wanna bring her out today. So instead of troubling them to come all the way here to pick her, I sent her to them lah. Anyway, Raeann was the one who suggested to eat at TPY, so random, I don't know why. 

PY sent me some photos!!!

ZY went to pick her up from PY's home just now and bring her back to CCK. She sure is a busy kid, I didn't see her for two days, lolol. Meimei didn't go back to CCK cos she caught a cold and is super cranky. Am worried she will look for me when she goes there, so might as well let her stay with me, I can look after her lor. 

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