Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yesterday, my car was playing this song. Then Raeann suddenly went "mummy, this song suits you to sing leh. Please sing it to daddy!"

I laughed. It's so funny why a 7 years old kid listens to lyrics, and understand the song. Hahaha! Anyway, it's over now.

It's the September school holiday now, soon, Raeann will go to P2, that's fast! I'll be on leave on Friday to bring the kiddos out, cos it's Raeann's birthday!!!

Brought them for breakfast this morning, becos they requested for Mc'donald.

In the past, I've been living in those "走一步, 看一步" life. I don't have any plans, no goals, no nothing. I just spent when I feel like it, I don't have much savings. I don't see the importance of money, and I don't have any spare cash for my new flat, which is coming soon. (However, I always spend within my limit. I won't buy/do things I cannot afford and struggle with bills later.)

I was once excited, I wanted to save, I suggested to ZY that we should open a joint account. But he doesn't want. He's those kind of people who doesn't plan nor save. So I got sian and I become lidat too.

You know that kind of feeling, when you really wanted to put in effort and work things out, but all you get are disappointed answers & actions, that makes you really sian and imbalance, thinking why should you be the only one to put in effort?

I know it's wrong to feel such a way, and the moment I felt this way, this marriage has already started to go down the drain. Becos both are not putting in any effort anymore.

So anyway, I took over the flat from ZY, and I'll have to settle everything alone now. This got me really stressed up, over money. I've to start saving for renovations. (Any cheap and good ID to intro? I'll be collecting my keys next few months, I think!)

But you know, I believe in "天无绝人之路", god will be kind to me!!! I will hang on and look forward to better days ahead.


  1. if wanna save money, maybe can go by ala carte, i.e dont engage an ID. then read up home magazines to get an idea of what you want. Electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, tiling, door supplier, window grill supplier. I think that's all

    1. Okok thanks! Now, my mind is kind of empty. I don't know how to go about it. ℓσℓ

  2. haha if u need any guidance or advices, can feel free ask me, cus i just finished renovation, still fresh from oven lols!

  3. Let me know if u wanna fix aluminium window grille... I have contact for that...


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