Thursday, September 18, 2014


Last night, channel 866 was replaying "那些年, 我们一起追的女孩". I watched it more than 20x already, but I'm still lovin' it very much. I literally memorised the whole movie liao. HAHAHAHA

My friendssss msg me one by one to ask me to watch, they knew, it's my favourite movie. And then, my whatsapp was so busy. We discussed throughout the whole show, nagging about how stupid the main lead was, why this, why that. Lol

One of the group chat, hahaha! He's just making fun of me lah! I mosaic-ed the name becos I don't want unnecessary troubles for my friend, who is just joking around with me. I've plenty of guy friends becos I like to joke around, and I can take jokes. 我玩的起! (But what's so special about ponytail ah? I no understand leh!) 

No matter how many times I watched it, I always ended up with teary eyes becos it's so sad that they didn't end up together. Saddest part of a relationship, two in love didn't end up together. 

However, it's true that when your loved one met one who ℓσνє and dote on him/her, you will sincerely feel happy too. That's true love, I think. Love is not possession, love is appreciation. 

So much schooling memories flow back whenever I watch this movie. Does it happens to you too? I miss my school days too much, I think! 

I can watch 837289272 times and never get sick of it lor! 

Life's short, be happy! Laugh more! =D

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