Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Half a day with Raeann, just the two of us!

Ever since Meimei's birth, I hardly have time to spend with Raeann alone. Becos Meimei is sooooooo sticky to me, I've no choice but to make Raeann independent.

So today, she "ponteng" school due to health checkup at HPB. Her heart was dignosed with double heart sound at school. But thank god, all is well, she's healthy! 

P/S: You know, she's damn funny lah. The nurse asked her if she has any heart problem or if she has checked her heart before during the checkup in school. She said yes. The nurse called me, I said "no ah, don't have". So I asked her that night, she said "have what, everytime see doctor, she will listen to my heart mah". Duhz!!! 

She requested to go Vivo after her checkup, for lunch and shopping. I agreed cos I wanna spend some time with her. 

I asked her to bring clothes to change, she did, but guess what she brought?


I was like, what the hell, please don't change into that lah. Walk around with pyjamas?? I cannot imagine. 

She came to me with this ring suddenly, said "mummy, this is $26, do you like it? I buy it for you, with my savings! You pay first k? I go home return u!" 

That really melts heart. But I didn't buy this, I got another $20 bangle instead. (She really give me the money lor!) I'm really thankful to have such a loving daughter, even though she always make me very angry and upset, but she really loves & cares for me. When I cry, she will cry too, and keep asking me not to cry anymore. 

I'm trying very hard to deal with my emotions now. I sobbed a few times since I stepped into the lawyer office yesterday, hysterically, for I've no idea why I sobbed too. 

Memories from day 1 started flowing in, I don't wish to think but it just comes into my mind. But I guess, this is normal, just a phrase I need to get through. 

I must say, it really takes plenty of courage to make the first move, to change your life, completely. It's really not easy, at all. 

I'm scare, becos I don't know what will come next, in my life. I've been living blindly for too long, I need to start planning now, for myself and the kids! 


  1. Hugs. Ur daughters n family will always be there for u. I will support u morally! U r a strong lady, strong mummy!

    1. Thank u dear! Smooth and fast delivery to u!! =D


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