Monday, September 8, 2014

Home-cooked Cha Soba

Ladies and gentlemen, I've something really cheap, good and YUMMY to intro you today. But first, let me ask you something...

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Do you like Cha Soba (Japanese cold noodle)?

I love cha soba, my kids love it too. Never failed to order it whenever we have Japanese food. But it's selling around $8-$12 at average Japanese restaurants. Didn't find it expensive until I found this!

I've no idea where/who my sis heard it from, that Cha Soba (uncooked) from Daiso is very goooooddddd... So one day, we just happened to be at IMM and we went to buy a few packs home.

P/S: Daiso; everything at $2! CHEAP LOR!!!

Last last week, I cooked it for the kids' dinner...

This noodle sauce (also from Daiso) is very salty, please remember to add water to taste.

Very simple and fuss free, one meal is done! 

(Kids usually don't eat 料, only the noodle can make them happy liao!)

And I thought I cooked too much, but Raeann finished the whole plate.

It's really, really good. You won't regret trying de!

#Don'tsayInevershare #SharingisCaring

(Think a few Daiso ran out of stock for the green soba, you can buy the brown one too!)


  1. Hi babe, thanks for sharing. I love cha soba and my kid is a die hard fan of it Never failed to order it whenever we have Japanese food too.

    Would like to ask is the noodle sauce sell in Daiso also? Will give it a try.
    Thank you so much.


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